About Us


We offer one-on-one and group sessions in many course subjects, as well as in time management, study strategies, writing, and public speaking. Our programs help students to become more effective, independent, and collaborative learners. We build on the strengths students bring to our sessions while addressing their needs and challenges.

Our staff facilitates learning by

  • focusing on the student’s overall learning
  • tailoring sessions to each student’s capabilities
  • contextualizing tasks and skills and clarifying their relevance to future academic tasks
  • listening actively, empathetically, and analytically
  • acknowledging and addressing different learning styles and individual differences
  • modeling skills and the use of resources
  • emphasizing process versus product
  • providing non-directive, student-centered sessions
  • referring students to additional resources as appropriate

Students are expected to

  • prepare for sessions by bringing appropriate materials
  • bring specific questions and concerns to the session
  • actively participate in the learning process
  • take responsibility for their own learning
  • understand that the tutor is meant to supplement, but not to replace, other resources such as their professor, teaching assistant, and course material