Time Management & Study Strategies Consultants

TM&SS Consultants meet one-on-one with Tufts Arts, Sciences & Engineering undergraduate and graduate students to work on academic skills, planning skills and life balance. You might help students with calendaring, backwards planning, goal setting, procrastination-management strategies, reading strategies, test strategies, and relaxation skills. We train new consultants thoroughly to work with students by listening, asking questions and collaborating on strategies.

Students who request TM&SS support come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are struggling academically while others are academically successful but feeling burned out. Some students have ADHD, learning disabilities, and/or psychiatric diagnoses.

We seek consultants who have strong people skills, enjoy working with others in a supportive, one-to-one role, and have a high degree of professionalism, i.e., are reliable, organized, and able to maintain professional boundaries with students.

No prior experience in time management or study strategies necessary, but we seek candidates with experience as tutors, teachers, counselors, or other helping professions. We strongly prefer candidates who are knowledgeable about learning differences and disabilities or have experience working with individuals with disabilities, especially ADHD and psychiatric diagnoses. Consultants are hired from a wide variety of departments including Drama, English, Philosophy, Urban and Environmental Planning, Child Development, School Psychology, Occupational Therapy as well as from the Fletcher School.

Previous TM&SS consultants have found the work personally and professionally beneficial: “Working for TM&SS has increased my repertoire of skills and strategies and has motivated me to ‘practice what I preach.’ I leave my sessions with students feeling more inspired to be productive and to keep up with (or get ahead of) my own workload. I also feel that it will have an impact on my career. Occupational therapists generally work one-on-one with their clients and building rapport is crucial to the process. It is also very important to look at the whole person rather than focusing in on just one aspect of their life to better understand them as a person and to help them reach their goals more effectively. Goals also need to come from within in the person, and they shouldn't only be generated by the therapist. These are all skills that I have been building while working as a TM&SS consultant. Also, some of the conditions that [Occupational Therapists] treat involve some executive function deficits (brain injuries, developmental disabilities, ADHD, etc.) and the strategies that we are teaching, such as creating a realistic plan, to-do lists, and the use of timers, could easily be incorporated into an OT treatment plan to improve a client's occupational performance.” 

Application Process

The consulting position is posted on Handshake in late April. We accept applications from late-April to late June. After reading the job description on JobX, send an email to Claire Weigand, Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center, at Time.Management@tufts.edu with a cover letter detailing your interest in the position and related experience and your resume or CV.

We will only accept applications submitted to the email address above.