Graduate Students

One-to-One Sessions Available to Graduate Students

Time Management & Study Strategies Consulting

Partner with a consultant on refining your academic strategies so that you feel more empowered. Collaborate one-to-one with a consultant on the habits and strategies you want to hone.

  • Break large projects into small achievable tasks
  • Plan a routine that increases your productivity
  • Create strategies to avoid burnout
  • Enhance your reading strategies to get more out of your mountain of material
  • Address test anxiety and develop coping strategies

You can meet once per week with a consultant as many times as you like. Some of our  consultants are multilingual.

How TM&SS Consulting Works

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Individual Writing Appointments

ARC Graduate Writing Consultants provide one-on-one support for graduate-level projects such as seminar papers, fellowship applications, theses, doctoral dissertations, and proposals, abstracts, and papers for conferences or publication. We understand the particular challenges graduate students face. Writing consultations may be arranged for regular weekly appointments or on an as-needed basis. Please review our policies before booking an appointment.

Public Speaking

Personalized coaching is also available to help you reduce public speaking anxiety and prepare for presentations,conferences, interviews, oral exams, and classroom lectures. More information.

Group Programs for Graduate Students

Graduate Writing Exchange (GWX)

We offer ongoing writing support for any graduate student from any discipline. Each week we hold three-hour meetings so you can talk with other graduate students about struggles and successes, set personal goals, and, most importantly, write. An ARC writing consultant will be available during these meetings to offer advice and consultation.

Graduate Writing Retreats

Open to Tufts graduate students from any department in Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering.

The Graduate Writing Retreat is a week-long event designed to help graduate students make significant progress on their thesis or dissertation. Generally held in January, June, and August, the graduate writing retreats provide a comfortable, supportive environment where you can focus entirely on your writing. It is an opportunity to learn and practice healthy writing habits, work with other graduate students, and take advantage of the guidance available from the ARC’s Graduate Writing Consultants. You can be at any stage in the dissertation or thesis process, as long as you plan to use the retreat primarily for writing (rather than research).

On the first day, the group will work together to identify common problems for graduate student writers and strategies for addressing them, review retreat policies, and establish house rules. You will draft a personal writing plan and meet with a graduate writing consultant to discuss your goals and concerns. After that, a typical day will involve at least four hours of writing time, with optional time in the afternoons to meet with writing consultants. At the end of retreat, you will have the chance to re-evaluate your goals and progress.

Enrollment is capped at 15 students, admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants must commit to the structure and rules of the retreat. See the sidebar for dates and application information.

Communication Strategies for International Graduate Students

The ARC offers a 10-week course for international graduate students interested in improving listening, speaking, and presentation skills. Applications are required.

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