Classes and Workshops for Multilingual Students

New for Spring 2017!
Workshop Series: Discussion of Contemporary Topics

Target Audience: International (non-native speakers of English) graduate students*

Goal: To develop and build fluency and confidence in English

Time and Place: Wednesdays and Thursdays 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in Paige Terrace Room

Dates: Starting on February 1st and February 2nd, respectively. Workshops will run for 12 weeks

Description: This is an open workshop series designed and developed for international graduate students (non-native speakers of English) to provide them with ample opportunities to practice and improve their speaking, listening, and vocabulary skills in English. The workshops will be facilitated by graduate students (English native speakers) under the training and guidance of Dr. Rodriguez, Program Specialist for English Language Support. There will be two facilitators in each section.

Registration: Students interested in attending a workshop need to pre-register weekly, as enrollment will be limited to 20 students on each day. Attendance will be taken. You can attend as many sessions as your schedule permits during the semester, but please keep in mind that if you sign up for a workshop and then do not show up, any future pre-registrations to a workshop may be restricted. Therefore, please sign right before the day of the workshop or close to it. You can pre-register by following this link: If you have any questions, send an email to

*Interested international (non-native speakers of English) undergraduate students will be allowed to join only if space is available.

Fall 2016: ACL 205: Communication Strategies for International Graduate Students

This ten-week course provides practice and instruction in English language communication skills for international graduate students whose first language is not English. We place particular emphasis on adapting to the American classroom, both as a student and as a potential teacher or teaching assistant. Emphasis on improving verbal and listening skills in English. Expectations about academic integrity and related topics about American academic culture will also be discussed. Assignments will include self-assessments, oral presentations, speaking and listening exercises, and short writing assignments.
Grading and Transcript Notation: The course will bear no credit hours, but will be formally noted on student transcripts and graded S/U (satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance). The grade will be based on attendance and effort, not an evaluation of English language skills.
Prerequisites: Open only to graduate students for whom English is a secondary language and whose secondary and/or postsecondary education was overseas. Course is high demand: application and permission of administrator are required.
Capacity: 14 students per section
Cost: This course is offered at no cost.
Contact: Luz Rodriguez