Meet the Consultants

Our public speaking consultants are graduate writing consultants who have additional experience and training in acting, speech, and public oration.

Note: If you are an international or multilingual student, you can also request an individual consultation with Dr. Rodriguez, EAP Program.


Emma Futhey is a PhD drama student. She received her BA in Theatre Studies from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s in Theatre Education from Emerson College. Her Master’s Thesis, “Trauma and the Theatrical Aesthetic: Post 9/11 Trauma Theory in Contemporary British Documentary Theatre," received the Emerson College Performing Arts Department Graduate Award. She served as the graduate dramaturg for Tufts’  mainstage production of Richard III in Spring 2015 and has presented at several professional conferences. Her research interests include contemporary political documentary drama and American women in theatrical culture between 1785 and 1861.


Amy Meyer is a PhD candidate in Drama. She received BAs in Theatre and English from Connecticut College and an MA in Drama from Tufts. Her research interests include theatre and circus history, performance studies, and gender studies. As a tutor, Amy likes to use writing as a tool for critical thinking, and enjoys collaborating with students at every stage of the writing process. She is also an actor and acting teacher, and works with students on developing public speaking skills.


Katie Swimm is a PhD Student in the Drama Department at Tufts.  She received a BFA in Theatre Performance from Niagara University, and a MA in Literature from Northwestern University. Her research interests include Victorian women and the performance of insanity, religion as performance, and musical theatre. Prior to her matriculation at Tufts, Katie was an actor and theatre manager in Chicago. She is interested in working with writers at all levels on academic papers, personal statements and cover letters, as well as working on public speaking projects.