Meet the Consultants

Note: If you are an international/multilingual student, you can also request an individual consultation with Dr. Luz Rodriguez, who oversees the English for Academic Purposes & Oral Communication Programs.


Some oral communication consultants are also graduate writing consultants who have additional experience and training in acting, speech, and public oration. 

Steve DrumSteve Drum is a PhD student in the Drama and Dance department. He received a BFA in Drama from New York University and an MFA in Writing and an MA in Cinema Studies from Savannah College of Art and Design. His writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, NewNowNext, the Wordstock Ten, Gertrude Journal and the St. Sebastian Review. He has presented his research at the Society of Cinema and Media Studies, the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association, and the Disjunctions conference.

Emma Futhey is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Drama and Dance. She specializes in conference preparation, research presentations, and group workshops. She also enjoys working with students preparing for senior thesis defenses and comprehensive exam preparation. She likes to focus on structure, clarity, and style when working on presentations with students. Additionally, she can assist with relaxation and warm-up techniques as well as audience engagement. 

Vannida LornVannida Lorn is a graduate student in the Department of Occupational Therapy. Throughout her own professional development, she has developed strong public speaking skills and has grown to love it. Her aim is to teach techniques and skills to help other students be confident in their oral communication abilities, whether that's through a presentation, speech, or class discussion. She specializes in increasing audience engagement, managing body postures, and organization of information. 

Amy Meyer is a PhD candidate in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies. She is an actor and movement coach, and has taught classes in Acting, and Voice and Speech. She works with students preparing speeches, presentations for classes or conferences, oral exams, and thesis defenses. She particularly enjoys helping students develop confidence in oral communication skills by working with physical presence, audience engagement, and tools to manage nerves, warm up the body, and relax the mind.