Speaking Support

Spring 2020 Update: We are currently in the process of revising our resources for this type of support; therefore, consultations are limited.

Whether you are pulling together a presentation for the first time, putting the final touches on something you’ve been working on, or struggling with anxiety about speaking in public, we can help. Our Speaking Consultants provide individualized, confidential, and supportive coaching.

Speaking Consultants can help you:

  • Create, practice or polish an oral presentation
  • Learn techniques to strengthen your personal speaking style
  • Learn how to use visual tools effectively
  • Prepare for an oral exam, thesis defense or qualifying exam
  • Organize research into a conference presentation, guest lecture, or speaking engagement
  • Manage your fears or anxiety so you can speak in public with confidence

If you have any questions regarding the Speaking Support Program, please contact Dr. Luz Rodriguez

We offer a special program and courses on Speaking Support for international and multilingual graduate students.