Meet the First-Year Writing Tutors

Our first-year writing tutors are English 1, 2, 3, and 4 instructors dedicated to helping you transition to college-level writing. These tutors work exclusively with students in classes that fulfill the College Writing Foundation Requirement.


Elizabeth Leavell has taught English 1 and English 2 as a lecturer in Tufts’ English Department for more than fifteen years. She first began tutoring at the Academic Resource Center in 1999 and has directed tutoring for students in the First-Year Writing Program since 2001.


Margaret Love is a PhD candidate in the Tufts English Department and a first-year writing instructor. She received her MA from the University of Chicago and her BA from Rhodes College. Her research interests include Caribbean literature, genre theory, and writing pedagogy. Margaret enjoys working with students at all stages of the writing process to help them express their own ideas.


Chris Payson
Chris Payson is a PhD candidate in the Tufts English Department specializing in American Literature. She has taught in the First Year Writing Program since 2012 and began consulting for the ARC in 2013. She has also worked as a TA, Grader, and, in the fall of 2016, ExCollege instructor. She loves helping students organize and communicate their ideas, especially at the beginning of writing projects. As a teacher and a consultant she focuses on offering tools and strategies writers can adapt to use in their own process, from generating ideas to managing writing anxiety.


Daniel Redmond is a doctoral candidate in English and a first-year writing instructor. Originally from South Mississippi, he holds a BA and MA in philosophy as well as an MA in English literature. His research interests include queer theory, early American literature, and Transatlantic studies. Daniel is more than happy to help you at any step in the writing process, from brainstorming to composition.