Choosing a Major Advisor (Liberal Arts)

Your Major Advisor will support you in continuing to develop your interests in your chosen discipline and connect to related opportunities. As with your Pre-Major Advisor, you will also meet each semester to select courses and go over your progress on degree requirements. There is no one right way to find a Major Advisor - check out these tips for help on finding one that’s right for you.

Please note: Engineering students have their Advisors assigned by the major department and do not need to select an advisor.

Important Tips

Start Your Research Early

Liberal Arts students are expected to declare a major before they sign up for classes in the spring of their sophomore year. Avoid the stress of a last-minute decision by talking with faculty and other students about who you want as your Major Advisor well before this deadline.

Find Out Who Is Eligible

Keep in mind that only full-time faculty members are eligible to be Advisors, and some lecturers are only part-time. You can find your department’s available Advisors by looking on their website or talking with the department chair or administrator.

Look for Shared Interests

Your Advisor should be someone you feel comfortable talking to who supports your academic passions. Do you share the same research interests? Personal backgrounds? Some other hobby or interest? 

Be Honest About Your Expectations and Needs

Some Advisors will have a lot of time to give, and others have less depending on the number of students they are advising, the number of classes they are teaching, and other commitments. Think ahead about what you need and expect from an Advisor so you can communicate these needs clearly.

Don't Worry About Finding a Perfect Match

No single Advisor will have all the answers. If you reach a bump in the road and your advisor doesn’t have the solution, there are other individuals at Tufts who can probably help. Try to get to know lots of people who can offer guidance.