Application Timeline

The application process for health professions schools begins 18 months before matriculation. If you plan to apply this year, apply early. Many candidates hurt themselves by ignoring this important rule. Applying in the summer rather than the fall of the applicant cycle could make the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Tufts admissions data shows a higher acceptance rate for those students who apply early in the process (June, July, August) than for those who apply later (September, October, or November). However you do not have to apply by the first possible date in June. If you are applying to medical school, it is wise to wait for your MCAT scores.

Here is a helpful timeline to give you a sense of the application process to medical school. You can also use it as a checklist to ensure you are taking all the necessary steps to prepare a strong application.

Application Timeline (18 month process)

For students completing required courses no later than spring of the application year


Plan for your preparation for the MCAT so you can take the MCAT sometime between January and May.


Attend one of the applicant meetings.


Register with the Health Professions Recommendation Committee (HPRC) no later than the April 1 deadline.


Compile your autobiography, resume, unofficial non-Tufts transcripts and photo. You must include these items when you register with the HPRC.


Individual letters of recommendation are due May 1. 

Submit a transcript request form to the Dowling Student Service Desk and specify that the transcript should include your spring semester grades. Include the official form from the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Service (AACOMAS), as well.


Complete and submit the AMCAS.

July and August

  • Submit your request to have letters sent to Dowling Hall 710- HPRC program coordinator along with your payment.
  • Complete and submit the AADSAS.
  • Complete secondary school applications.

August or September

Complete and submit the AACOMAS.

September through March/April

Medical and dental schools send interview invitations to candidates.

August the following year

Matriculate into medical or dental school.

Helpful Tip

Don’t wait for your recommendations to be sent before submitting your application. Application processing can begin and AMCAS, AADSAS or AACOMAS will send your applications to individual schools before your recommendations are on file.