Selecting Schools

You will not be able to make final decisions on where to apply until the summer, but you can begin working on your central application in late spring. You can also begin researching schools through the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) or Osteopathic Medical College Information Book.

As you choose schools, you should consider your state residency as a primary factor. As a dependent student, you are a resident of the state where your parents reside. The majority of state schools accept very few students from out of state but they are worth investigating, particularly if they are NOT in the northeast or on the west coast. Take a look at the in-state/out-of-state applicant numbers and acceptance numbers offered in MSAR to determine your chance of acceptance.

On average, U.S. students apply to 15 MD programs. Tufts students apply to an average of 18 MD programs and 5 DO programs. Applying to a larger number does not necessarily increase your chance of admission. Wise choices and a timely application make much more of a difference. Be sure to consult with one of the advisors after you have a tentative list of schools.

A very small number of medical school applicants take advantage of the early decision option that many medical schools offer. This option allows you to apply early decision to one (and only one) medical school no later than August 1 and have an answer by October 1. If you do this, you may not apply to any other medical school until October 1. This option makes sense for students who have a clear first choice of a medical school AND are strong candidates for that school.