Choosing a Major/Minor

There is no premed major at Tufts; this is true of all selective colleges and universities. Medical schools look for a well-balanced college program without favoring one major over another. Statistically, biology majors comprise at least half of the applicant pool but have a slightly lower rate of admission than many other majors, including many non-science majors. In fact, some admissions officers may be more interested in candidates with a non-science major who have done well in the premedical requirements.

The best advice is to major in an area that excites you but pursue a well-rounded transcript. If you major in one of the sciences, be sure to take a variety of courses outside your major. If you major in a non-science, take the time to perform well in your premedical courses. An additional biology course or two could also make the transition to your graduate studies smoother.

In addition to biochemistry (either BIO 152 or CHEM 171), which all premeds will take, most commonly recommended courses are cell biology, genetics, and molecular biology. Other options include physiology, microbiology, endocrinology, or immunology.

If you are considering a double major, be aware it will greatly reduce your freedom to take electives and not necessarily impress admissions officers.