Summer Opportunities

Summers are a good time for in-depth work, demonstrating your motivation and interest in your chosen field. We urge you to use your summers to learn as much as possible about the health care delivery system and patient care. This can take the form of hospital volunteer positions, research or clinical internships, or participation in many other programs described on this website. Interviewers and admissions committees often focus on summer experiences.

Travel or work in a non-medical setting offer plenty of learning opportunities as well. For example, you could interact with as wide a variety of people as a waiter as you would as an ER volunteer.

In general, explore the opportunities available to you and take advantage of what you can. Opportunities do not need to be full-time, nor do they need to be formal internships in order for you to learn them. Many students combine a paid job in a non-career setting (e.g. lifeguarding) with a volunteer opportunity in a local nursing home or community health clinic.

Summer Listings

Summer Internships
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