Application Timeline

Applying to Law School is a long term commitment. You should begin your application process 18 months before your desired matriculation.

Year One


Begin studying for the LSAT. Students typically take about three months to prepare depending on their study habits.

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Start planning for letters of recommendation. Law schools look for 2-3 recommendations.

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Continue to study for LSAT and maintain your good grades. 


Register for the June LSAT. Late registration costs more and allows for less options for site selection. 


Take the LSAT. This is the ideal time to take the LSAT to begin your application in the fall.

Early Summer

  1. Set up Credential Assembly Service (CAS) account with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).
  2. Send your transcripts can be sent using the CAS Transcript Request Form.
  3. Prepare a draft of your personal statement. Get support from ARC Graduate Writing Consultants.
  4. Prepare or fine tune a copy of your resume. You may want to consult with a Career Center Career Counselor.


  1. Consult with the pre-law advisor to prepare for application questions.
  2. Submit your applicant registration form and resume to the pre-law advisor. Contact Stephanie Ripley for more information.

Late Summer

  1. Continue to investigate law schools, visit if possible.
  2. Receive LSAT score and evaluate list of schools in light of your score; schedule another meeting with Pre-Law advisor for assistance.
  3. If necessary, register and prepare for the October LSAT.


Attend law school panel events on campus to learn about specific schools.   If you are no longer in the Boston area, consider attending an LSAC forum.


Applications open.


  1. Take the LSAT, if necessary.
  2. Finalize your personal statement.

September to November

Complete and submit online applications. You should aim to submit by Thanksgiving.


Another LSAT test date. This date is not ideal for people who wish to enter next fall, but scores will still accepted.

Year Two


  1. Submit an updated transcript with fall grades to CAS (graduating seniors).
  2. Submit completed financial aid forms to law schools.

January - June

  1. Await acceptances, rejection, and wait-lists. As soon as you accept an offer from the law school of your choice, notify all other schools in writing.
  2. Submit all dean certification forms if the school requires one.

June to August

  1. Review wait-list options. They may turn into acceptances or sometimes rejections.
  2. Notify the Pre-Law advisor on where you will be attending.