Advantages of the R.E.A.L. Program

While some colleges have separate or extension programs for adult students, REAL students attend the same courses and earn the same degree as other Tufts undergraduates. REAL students are welcome to participate in the many student organizations and have access to all university facilities such as the library, the Academic Resource Center, the counseling center, and the gymnasium, with its state of the art fitness center.

A special admission process evaluates applicants to the REAL program on criteria relevant to their experience, such as career history and evidence of motivation, as well as on recent college course work. REAL applicants also have a personal interview, if possible.

The greatest advantage of the REAL program is the chance to meet with other REAL students who are striving toward the same goals and facing the same challenges. First semester REAL students participate in a credit-bearing seminar that addresses adjustment issues of the adult student while introducing students to Tufts resources.

The university provides REAL students with a space for cooking light meals, meeting with study groups, or just spending time together.

While other undergraduates at Tufts are not allowed to attend part-time, under certain circumstances, REAL students may take a reduced course load at reduced tuition.