R.E.A.L. Student Checklist Spring 2018

The R.E.A.L. Student Checklist will help you remember all the things you need to do as you begin your time at Tufts. Spring 2018 R.E.A.L. students should also have received an email from Dean Barber and Dean Lowe in early January with instructions for creating a student account, transfering credits, registering for courses, etc.

1. Create your SIS account. Along with your letter from admissions, you received your username and a temporary password with information about setting up your email account. This also allows you to logon to our Student Information System. You will use SIS for many things during your time at Tufts.

 Create Your SIS Account

2. Remember to check (or forward) your Tufts email. Everything official is sent there beginning in January.

3. Check the  Academic Calendar for important dates like the first day of classes.

4. Review the Spring 2018 R.E.A.L. Student Orientation Guide for comprehensive information about academic requirements, courses, and life at Tufts. 

View the Spring 2018 R.E.A.L. Student Orientation Guide

5. Apply for official approval for Transfer Credit from Tufts faculty through SIS. Follow the instructions for submitting each course for possible approval.

Get Instructions for Submitting Courses for Transfer Credit

6. Email Dean Barber to schedule an appointment to discuss registration and lift your registration hold.

7. If you were enrolled in courses in Fall 2017, send a copy of your transcripts to Student Services at Tufts.

8. Submit your mandatory medical forms by March. You will need to submit one of the following to the Patient Portal:

  • your most recently signed immunization form from your physician
  • an immunization form completed by your physician

9. All students who are enrolled full-time will be billed and enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan. If you are covered by a separate policy, complete the Health Insurance Waiver on the Bills & Balances tab in SIS.

10. Upload your photo for your Tufts ID card.

Upload Your Photo

11. View your eBill statement. Click on Bills & Balances in SIS, then Select My eBill or Make a Payment. Please note: you will be charged for full-time tuition until you meet with Dean Barber or Dean Lowe to determine the number of credits you will be taking during Spring 2018.

View or Pay Your Bill in SIS 

12. Update your emergency contact information on SIS

Log into SIS

13. Complete required training programs:

  • The Academic Integrity Tutorial (AIT) will be emailed to you in January or February and takes approximately 45 mintues to complete.
  • Required training with the Office of Equal Opportunity about the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy will occur during the R.E.A.L. seminar.

14. Sign up for TuftsAlerts to stay updated regarding weather alerts this winter!

Sign up for TuftsAlerts

15. If you plan to commute to campus with your car, you will need to purchase a parking permit for the spring semester. You can find information about the rates for parking permits here.

16. Look out for an email from Dean Barber about the date, time, and location for R.E.A.L. Student Orientation! Upate: R.E.A.L. Student Orientation for Spring 2018 is January 16, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. in Dowling Hall, Milmore Room.