Sophomore JumboSophomore year is all about asking questions and finding your balance.

You may be thinking about your future, considering internships, leadership positions, or study abroad experience that would expand your comfort zone. As you enter your sophomore year, you may have more questions about academic policy and processes.

Information about Majors and Minors

Choosing a Major Advisor

Find Balance

The most successful students are those who take care of their whole selves. Getting enough sleep, eating regular meals, fitting in time for exercise, and yes, even relaxation, will keep you on track in the classroom.

Accept Help

University life is filled with new experiences, many of them challenging. There’’s no reason to go it alone. Need extra help studying or getting organized? Check out the Academic Resource Center. Need advice on choosing classes or a major? Meet with a College Transition Advisor. Not sure how to write a resume or land an internship? Reach out to the Tufts Career Center.

Take Time to Reflect

Some students enter Tufts with a clear plan for their major and future career path, while others arrive ready to explore. No matter where you fit on this broad spectrum, it’s valuable to reflect on your experiences and next steps. Your professors and your advising team are all great sounding boards. If you need help thinking through career options, take a look at the Career Center’s Self Assessment Tools.

Begin to Focus

Over the course of sophomore year, Liberal Arts students should be preparing to choose a major and Engineering students should be finding additional focus within their major. There are lots of factors to consider. Will you want to add a minor or maybe a second major? Will studying abroad, doing research, or getting an internship be a part of your plan? Take time to think about how all of these pieces might fit together in your Tufts experience.

Stay Curious

It’s true that your second year at Tufts requires some big choices, but there’s still plenty of room to explore. Consider trying a new course or joining a club that might be outside your comfort zone. Or make time to attend one of the many thought-provoking lectures and performances on campus. You never know who you might meet or what you might experience.

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