Food Insecurities

Swipe It Forward! (Students needing a meal)

Dining Services has introduced a program for students to share meals to help students access food on campus who have limited resources. Thank you for your support!

Swipe It Forward is a combined initiative from Dining Services, TCU Senate, and OSSA to provide a platform for students to donate their meal swipes to other students in order to alleviate ongoing food insecurity on campus. Our mission is to provide a confidential and efficient way for students who may be having difficulty finding their next meal receive the help they deserve.

We trust all Jumbos to be mindful when using the meal bank and save meals for students who could really use it. However, if you are running low on meals, please take advantage of this resource.

Donate a Meal

- Students with Premium Plans may donate one meal, and may donate one guest meal.
- Students with other meal plans may donate up to four meals.
- These meals will be part of a semester meal bank that other students can access.

Donate a Meal

Access a Meal

- Students with demonstrated need who need meals should access the meal bank.
- Students may request up to 10 meals per semester. Students who feel they need additional support should be in touch with their financial aid counselor or with Dean Rob Mack.
- Meals will be added to your card within 48 business hours. (Requests made on the weekend will be processed on Monday.)
- Students will only be able to access the meals that they requested from the meal bank once their existing meal plan is finished.
- Students can only use one meal per meal period.
- Students with a Premium Meal Plan are not eligible to access meals from the meal bank.

Access a Meal

Number of meals available in the meal bank:  0

Meals during breaks (Students with a current meal plan who register to stay on campus)

Students with Financial Aid and receiving the Pell Grant (international students on financial aid can email their financial aid counselor to determine eligibility) who need to stay on campus during breaks are eligible for funding for meals.  Students must register. 

Thanksgiving Break 2017
Dining Centers close after dinner on November 22nd and will reopen for dinner on the 26th. Students will receive $64 in Meal Money that can be used with local vendors.

Winter Break 2016/2017
Dining Centers close after dinner on December 22nd and will reopen for breakfast on January 18th. Students who register to stay will have access to Dewick weekdays between January 3rd and 6th, and January 9th – 12th, and January 17th for breakfast and lunch meals only.

Spring Break (Pell Grant Recipients)
Dining Centers close after dinner on March 17th and will reopen for dinner on March 26th.  Requests for Meal Money during Spring Break 2017 were due at 8 p.m. on March 16. Please email with questions.

Free Lunch or Coffee (All Tufts Students)

Our team meets with students daily and welcomes the chance to do so over coffee at Tower Cafe. We are also happy to join you for a lunch meal in Dewick, Carm, the Kosher Deli, the Marketplace, or Hotung. Feel free to book a meeting with us and just be sure to block two consecutive half-hour appointments and note where you want to meet.

Looking to grab a quick lunch and don't have time for a meeting, contact to request a meal ticket. The ticket will be left for you at the ARC front desk in an envelope so you can grab it and go!

Please note: Financial Resources through the Office for Student Success and Advising are available to undergraduate students only. However, the Swipe It Forward program has been extended to graduate students for the remainder of the Fall Semester 2017.