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We will help you identify your career goals and gain the skills, resources, contacts, and tools necessary to achieve them. Whether you are deciding on a major or career, looking for an internship or job, or considering graduate school, we can help.

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Jul 18, 2018

If you're looking to enhance your professional presence, you may believe that making connections online (vs. in-person) is easier and less burdensome for all involved. However, the advantages of a face-to-face meeting – really getting to know someone through being in their presence – can be remarkably more fruitful. Whether you’re planning to attend a networking event, or you simply want to be prepared for a spontaneous conversation in the elevator, there are best practices to consider in advance of in-person networking.

Join presenters Alyssa Gelbard, A92, Executive Career Consultant and Founder & President of Point Road Group and Nicole Anderson, Associate Director, Tufts Alumni Career Services, for an informative, interactive, and FREE webinar. Learn more and RSVP here.

Jul 25, 2018

Have you been getting the results you want from your job search efforts—interviews with the companies you most want to work for? Do those online applications even get read by a “real person”?

In this teleseminar, you will learn how to:
-Prepare for your job search by understanding your product: You!
-Define and research your target market—the companies that interest you
-Uncover published and unpublished jobs—the "hidden job market"
-Use multiple job search methods effectively

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Aug 1, 2018

LinkedIn is not just for jobseekers; it’s for everyone. You need LinkedIn to be visible in your professional community.  In addition, your profile will allow you to stay connected to your network, learn about career paths; conduct career research, help others in your network, and find job opportunities that aren’t publicized elsewhere.

In this interactive webinar, you'll learn the following:
-How to build a profile that will effectively communicate your brand
-The most important—and most neglected!—parts of the profile: your headline and summary
-How to use groups to their full benefit
-The secrets that LinkedIn doesn't want you to know (Hint: Never pay for membership upgrades again!)

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Considering Gap Year Options?

Many organizations offer 'gap year' jobs, which are short-term positions (1-2 years) following graduation. You're already familiar with some of these employers -- the Peace Corps, Teach For America and others -- but did you know that opportunities are available for a wide range of career interests? Check out our Fellowships and Gap Year page for tools that will help you research options in fields like entrepreneurship, education, health care, public policy, STEM and more.

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Frustrated by the Job Search Process?

As you'd expect, applying to jobs goes hand-in-hand with developing resiliency. The Career Center is here to support you as you face these challenges and work to build your resiliency. Review the handout below for important tips and resources.

Resiliency and the Job Search

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