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What's Your Favorite Ice Cream?

Tell us your go-to flavor and we’ll tell you which (easy!) networking task to put on your summer to-do list.

For your friends in Alumni Career Services, summer is synonymous with opportunities for career reflection and connection. And let’s not forget FUN … and ice cream! Select your favorite flavor from the list below, and we’ll give you one sure-fire way to strengthen your network this summer. Plus, keep scrolling for some excellent summer networking events and socials just for Jumbos.
  • Vanilla -- Pick one person (colleague, family friend) whose career you admire and ask him/her to grab coffee sometime
  • Chocolate -- Ask two current or former coworkers to write short recommendations for your LinkedIn profile. (Check this out for the characteristics of a killer LinkedIn recommendation)
  • Strawberry -- Find one networking event to attend this summer (casual social or formal industry program -- doesn’t matter!) and introduce yourself to at least two new people while you’re there. See below for plenty of upcoming listings from the Tufts calendar
  • Neapolitan -- Good for you! You get to do all THREE of the tasks above! 
  • Mint Chocolate Chip -- Invite one or two colleagues you’d like to know better to an outdoor concert, sporting event, movie or lecture (check the list below and sites like Eventbrite for options) 
  • Butter Pecan -- Schedule a lunch (maybe a potluck picnic? restaurant with patio seating?) with a mentor you haven’t seen in a while
  • I’m more of a non-dairy sherbet person -- Revisit your LinkedIn profile and make a list of things you could improve (current professional photo? engaging headline? This article has great suggestions for potential enhancements
  • Ice cream? No way! Give me my veggies -- Reach out to a few people (or more!) and form a team for a charity walk/run/bike -- something that caters to all fitness levels.  

What Do These Tasks Have in Common?

  • They’re low pressure. Nurturing your personal/professional network doesn’t have to be intimidating. Start with people you know or people you’d like to know better. You never know where those connections will lead.
  • Many involve the great outdoors. Needless to say, forming meaningful connections doesn’t have to take place in the context of a panel discussion or networking reception. Summer is a wonderful time to expand your horizons and get outside.
  • They make fantastic SMART goals. Whether you’re happily engaged in your current work or grad program, looking for something new, or simply want to keep your options open, setting a (low-stress!) summer networking goal is a great idea. For more about setting SMART (a.k.a. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely/Time-Bound) goals, check out these tips. In the case of #1 on our ice cream list above, it would be as simple as saying, I’ll contact one person whose career I admire for a short (20-30 min.) informational interview over coffee, with the goal of making initial contact by July 1 and scheduling a meet-up before August 15.

Summer Networking Events + Socials for Jumbos of All Class Years