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Career Conversations: May 2017 Spotlight

Reflecting on Your Next Career Move

It’s a natural question: What’s next? Perhaps you’re busily adjusting to your first post-college job, considering a graduate degree, or returning to the workforce after an absence. Or maybe you’re contemplating a mid-career move, looking for opportunities for advancement or thinking about retirement. Whatever your situation, you’re bound to ponder those “what if” scenarios. Here are three ways to prepare for a transition, whether it happens next month or years from now.

Revisit Your Career Manifesto
Even if you haven’t given it a formal title like “manifesto” (sounds pretty important, eh?), odds are you have at least a subconscious sense of how you see yourself, both as a person and as a contributing citizen of the world. Allow yourself to engage in some stream-of-consciousness writing as you jot down your thoughts about the following:

  • How are you incorporating your skills and interests in what you do? How will your next move support that goal?
  • Which personal values are most important to you? How do your values align with your current and future professional life?
  • How would you define your ideal self?

For more tips, see 6 Steps to Creating a Career Manifesto That Will Propel You Toward Success.

Consult Your Personal Board of Advisors
Who is capable of giving you objective and constructive feedback? Who sees the ‘real’ you and will give you a heads up when you’re straying from your true self? Make a list of these individuals – it might be two people, perhaps it’s six – and gather feedback as you brainstorm. What do they think of your ideas? Are you missing something? Often, the people who know you best and care about your well-being will be able to raise good questions and add depth and clarity to your processing. Here are a few more things to ask:

  • What do you think are my greatest strengths? Do you think I’m actively using them?
  • If you could pick any job/activity/hobby for me, what would it be?
  • What are three words you would use to describe me?

For another view on this subject, visit: How to Assemble Your Personal Board of Directors and 5 People You Need on Your Personal Board of Directors.

Collect Insider Info through Informational Interviews
Have you tried informational interviewing?? (Trust me, it's THE BEST.) Okay, my career development background means I’m biased, but in all seriousness, these quick conversations are a wonderful way to continue learning about career paths and positions that interest you. Plus, have you noticed that most people love talking about themselves and their work?

Start with one interview and go from there. Make a list of individuals you admire and pick one person. Next, reach out to request a 20-minute phone call or a coffee meet-up. If you need help coming up with names, consider connecting with fellow Jumbos through the Tufts Career Networking group (and others) on LinkedIn.

Check out this article for helpful reminders: 5 Tips for Non-Awkward Informational Interviews.

Here’s to time for reflection and thinking about next steps! And don’t forget: Tufts Alumni Career Services offers career advising, job listings, alumni-focused webinars and tele-seminars, and many more resources and programs for alumni of AS&E and the SMFA.