As a faculty member and advisor, you play an important role in your students’ career development. Students seek your advice on issues ranging from majors and resumes to graduate school and professional direction. This relationship often continues beyond graduation as former students enter the workplace and pursue graduate study.

We at the Career Center also forge relationships with students and have a strong investment in their development. Based on this mutual interest, we are creating new programs and building awareness of existing services to strengthen our connection with faculty.

Tufts Career Center Overview

We design our services to support students from the earliest stages of career exploration through alumni career changes. Our resources include career advising, personality and interest assessments, graduate school advising, and internship and job search. Our content-rich student website offers job and internship listings, as well as resources for conducting career and employer research.

Check out the Tufts Career Guide for students

"Don't Cancel a Class" Program

If you have a conference coming up, you don’t need to cancel a class while you’re away. The Career Center has standard and customized workshops to substitute for your regularly scheduled classes. Get more information and fill out the request form to ensure that we meet your needs for content and timing.

Online Workshops

Students and alumni can visit our office in person or receive career advice online. Online workshops include:

Tufts Career Networking Group on LinkedIn

Research indicates that most people identify new employment opportunities by networking rather than traditional job search methods. Therefore, we’ve engaged Tufts alumni and parents to offer advice and mentoring through the Tufts Career Networking Group. We invite you to take a look and to join our network.

Tips for Writing Recommendation Letters

The Career Center offers formatting and content tips for writing recommendation letters.