Internship Strategies

You can find internships using many different strategies. Here is a checklist to help you cover all your bases.

1. Establish specific goals   
Determine two or three potential career fields that are compatible with your interests, skills and values. Career advising can help you get started on the self-assessment process.

2. Prepare your marketing materials
Write or update your resume and learn how to write a cover letter. Sharpen your interviewing skills by practicing.

3. Network with people in your fields of interest
These include alumni, faculty, family, friends, past internship supervisors and employers. Use a variety of resources including the Tufts Career Networking Group on LinkedIn. Learn more about Networking.

4. Identify, research and initiate contact with potential employers
Create a list of employers of interest and contact them directly to inquire about openings (if not posted). Apply to openings with a targeted resume and cover letter.

5. Follow up with all contacts
It is your responsibility to follow up with employers within a week or two after applying for a position. General questions you may ask when following up with an employer:

  • What is the status of my application?
  • What is your timeline for hiring? (Don’t ask this question if the information is already available online.)
  • May I provide any additional materials for you?

6. Get organized and stay on schedule
Think of your internship search as another class. Schedule time into your week on a regular basis. Create a system to track your progress, i.e. spreadsheet or filing system. List employers of interest, networking contacts, important dates, and follow-up items.

7. Attend internship workshops and panels
Check the Career Center Calendar  for dates and times of in-person workshops and panels. Our internships workshop is available online. We also offer online workshops on resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and more.

8. Receive funding for your unpaid summer internship
Check out the Career Center summer internship grants and additional funding resources.