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We offer advising, workshops and resources to help you set career goals & develop strategies and skills to achieve them. Review the information below for upcoming programs, highlighted resources and information to help you in an academic job search.


Interested in exploring non-academic career options? VPhD helps graduate students identify, prepare for, and excel in possible non-academic careers. The site includes content for humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields. You'll have access to the career finder as well as real-life examples of Ph.Ds, ABDs and MAs who pursued non-academic careers. You'll get their stories, advice, inside information about their fields, and even the actual resumes and cover letters they used to get their first non-academic jobs. You also get access to the community discussion forums, a member directory listing thousands of PhDs working across the United States, job listings, and great information about a wide variety of possible careers.

Log into Jumbo Jobs, then click on Resource Library and then the Versatile PhD link to access this resource.

2016 - 2017 Programs for Tufts Master's and Ph.D. Students

Light meal included with all programs

Interviewing Skills
Monday, March 27, 6 - 8pm, Dowling, Milmore Room
Refine your interviewing skills for general as well as behavioral questions.

Career Conferences and Fairs

Preparing for a Career Outside of Academia
Thursday, February 23, 3 -7pm, 51 Winthrop
This half-day conference will include a networking workshop, resource demo, career panels, and advice from experts.

Network with Alumni

Engineering Networking Night
February 31, 2017

Starting Your Search: Articles & Academic Job Search Guides

Job Listings

Writing Teaching Philosophies & Research Statements, Preparing a Teaching Portfolio

Preparing for Interviews

The Chronicle of Higher Education offers valuable advice for the academic job seeker. Consult the following articles and search by by keyword for more advice.

Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers