4-Year Plan

We offer some ideas to help guide you through your four years at Tufts and into a satisfying career. Please do not feel constrained by this timeline. The career-planning process is rarely linear, and your career is a lifelong journey.

You can complete the steps of your career development plan at any point during your time as a student. 

Freshman Year

Reflect on your skills and interests. Think about what makes you happy and what your strengths (and weaknesses) might be.

Sophomore Year

Continue to explore your options by researching potential majors and careers, seeking opportunities to develop skills that will transfer well into the workplace.

Junior Year

Zero in on your career goals, build skills, and gain experience through an internship or begin preparing for graduate school.

Senior Year

This is the year to take action and launch! Apply to graduate/professional school, explore fellowships or one-year options, or work on landing your first job.