Career Center Annual Report

We are pleased to present the 2014-2015 Career Center Annual Report in the following 6 infographics. You may download individual reports using the blue buttons below or download the complete report from the right sidebar (desktop) or below (mobile device).

Student & Alumni Appointments (2005-2015)

Traffic & Satisfaction

  • Student Satisfaction Trends
  • Student and Alumni Appointments
  • Appointments by Class Year




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Destination Outcomes

  • Employment and Graduate School Status — Class of 2015
  • Where Do Tufts Grads Go?
  • Top Industries and Employers
  • Top Graduate Schools

Top employers of the Class of 2015

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8,817 students and alumni attended 222 programs in 2015
  • Signature Programs
  • Diversity Programs
  • Early Engagement
  • Connecting Students with Alumni and Employers



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Tufts Recruiting Program

  • Interviews, Jobs and Internships
  • Career Fairs
  • Career and Internship Connections


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Since 2012, we've compiled 800+ internship profiles written by Tufts students for Tufts students
  • Tufts Student Internship Rates
  • Tufts Internship Profiles, TIP Books
  • Career Center Summer Internship Grants


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New Initiatives

Alumni shared advice with students during half-day Professional in Residence events
  • Programs
  • Student Advisory Boards
  • Career Fellows and Website




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