International Students

International Student Applicants

In light of Tufts' commitment to maintain an international community, the University makes available a small amount of funding for talented international students. Because of the limited financial aid funding available, Tufts can offer admission to only a very small number of International applicants each year. Because funding is very limited, families who have the ability to fund the entire educational expenses should not apply for financial aid. Competition among this segment of the applicant pool is keen. International financial aid is based on need. Awards will consist of grants and possible eligibility for an on-campus job. 

If you are an International student enrolling at Tufts without financial aid as a first year student, you are not normally eligible for aid in subsequent years at Tufts. An exception may be made if you have completed at least two years at Tufts and your family experiences an unanticipated change in financial circumstances. In these cases, limited funds may be available, and you may apply for an emergency grant or loans. You can find other information on the International Center website.

Returning International Students
Document How to Submit
May 1 International Financial Aid Application or 2018-2019 CSS Profile* Mail Directly to Tufts**
  Copies of foreign tax returns translated into English and converted to U.S. dollars Mail Directly to Tufts**


*Returning International students are not required to submit the CSS Profile. However, they may choose to submit it instead of the International Financial Aid Application.

The benefits of using the CSS Profile are that it automatically converts currency to USD, and can be updated by multiple family members remotely online. But, unlike the paper International Financial Aid Application form, a fee payment is required to submit the CSS Profile.

**Mail To:
Tufts University,
Student Financial Services,
Dowling Hall, 419 Boston Avenue
Medford MA,  02155