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Estimated Costs

Estimated costs for the academic year can be found in the Billing section

All of your financial aid will be credited to your university account by semester, as shown on your award notice (with the exception of the Federal Work Study award, which is funding that is earned and paid to students on a weekly basis). Also credited to your university bill will be the amount of your Admissions deposit. Please also note that a federal fee will be deducted from any Federal Direct (1.066%) or PLUS Loan (4.264%) you borrow. For more on the Federal Direct Loan and PLUS Loan application process please visit the Loans section.

Health Insurance is mandatory in the state of Massachusetts, and the fee will be $2,570 for the 2018-2019 academic year, charged in the first semester. You can have this fee waived if you are already covered by another health plan. You will receive instructions for waiving this fee from Health and Wellness during the summer.

A late fee is assessed on all unpaid balances. For more details about billing (such as the billing address, methods of payment and late fees), visit the Billing section.

The estimated out-of-pocket costs of books, supplies and personal expenses (estimated at $2,500/year) are added to the Financial Services budget, as is an allowance for transportation, which varies by home state. The total estimated budget used by Financial Services for 2018-2019 is $73,500 (does not include estimated out-of-pocket transportation cost, if applicable).  It is $65,100 for students who commute from home.

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Student Account Calculator

Need help figuring out what you will have to pay? Get a head start with the Student Account Calculator.  When using the calculator, here are several points to keep in mind:

  • The figures used in the calculator are 2018-2019 estimated figures.

  • The calculator assumes all entering first year students are enrolled full-time, have the premium board plan (per University policy) and have paid a $600 Admission deposit.

  • The Health Services and Student Activity fees are mandatory and billed once each year, during the fall semester.

  • You may wish to print out the second page of the calculator for reference. Once you leave the calculator site, the information you added will not be permanently saved.

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