Off-Campus Housing

The budget used in awarding Financial Aid does not change when you live off campus, unless you commute from home. It is important to consider all housing options available, and plan accordingly and early. To help with that process we offer the following general points:

  • The Room and Board cost of attendance allowance remains the same regardless of whether you choose to live on campus, in a fraternity or sorority house, in an apartment alone, or in an apartment with one or several roommates. The budget and financial aid do not change.

  • Your financial aid eligibility will be reduced if you decide to commute from home, as you will not be paying room charges or rent.

  • If you choose to live off campus, you will see a change in your billing.

  • If your financial aid exceeds the charges on your student account, you will be entitled to a refund once classes begin. You may use that refund to help pay your off campus expenses (rent, utilities, etc). Tufts does not send money directly to landlords.

  • Remember that there are extra costs related to off-campus living, such as deposits, first and last month rent requirements, furniture, storage, and moving expenses.

  • Make a budget for the year to help plan for your expenses. When you receive your Financial Aid Notice and your bill in early July, you and your family should sit together and plan how you will meet your tuition and your monthly living expenses for the coming year.

If you need help or have any questions about billing or financial aid, please make an appointment to meet with your financial aid counselor as soon as possible. (Be aware that appointments during March and April are extremely limited due to the first-year awarding cycle). You can also get much more information on the Tufts Off-Campus website.