Below we have outlined the different grants awarded by Tufts.  Please contact us with any questions.

Tufts Grants Tufts Undergraduates (UG); Financial need Over 37 percent of last year’s entering class received more than $17.3 million in Tufts grant aid.
Tufts National Merit Tufts National Merit Finalists Non-need based awards up to $500; Need based awards up to $2,000.
Federal Pell Grants Federal UG; Exceptional financial need Awards from $400-$5,750/year; Eligibility is limited.
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) Federal UG; Exceptional financial need; Primarily for Pell recipients Awards from $200-$4000/yr.
GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program Federal Eligible U.S. Veterans $5000 Tufts grant matched by $5000 from the federal Yellow Ribbon Program.
ROTC - Army, Air, Force, Navy Federal UG; Chosen by Army, Air Force, or Navy Cross register at MIT. Four-year tuition scholarships available as well as partial scholarships.
Mass. Grants & Gilbert Grants Commonwealth of Mass. UG; Massachusetts residents; Financial need; Meet state deadlines UG only. Awards from $400- $17,00/yr.

Gilbert average is $1,313.

Other State Scholarships Various States UG; Financial need; Meet state deadlines Residents of CT, PA, RI, VT may be eligible