Eligibility for LRAP

To be eligible to apply for Loan Repayment Assistance Program, you must:

  • Have an undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree. (Certificate degrees do not qualify for LRAP.)
  • Have an educational loan incurred for the purpose of attending Tufts as certified by the Financial Aid Office at Tufts. These loans include:

  • Be in repayment on your Tufts incurred educational loans or be in a grace period.

    • You are not eligible for the program if you have deferred payment in order to resume academic studies, defaulted on your loans, or are delinquent on your loan payments.

    • Loans that are in deferment or forbearance will not be considered for LRAP.

  • Be employed full time by a public sector or nonprofit (501(c)3 or equivalent) organization. Please consult your employer's Human Resources department if you are unsure if your employer is a public sector or non-profit organization or if you are unsure if you are a full-time employee.  Please review further details about this policy below.

Employment Requirement

The employment requirement is measured beginning with the start of the annual LRAP cycle on September 1st and runs for nine months through June 1st.  Any changes to your employment status must be reported to the LRAP Office immediately. If you do not provide this information, it may result in the repayment of partial or all award monies received.

If you leave your LRAP-qualified employment and do not find new qualified employment within 30 days then you will no longer be eligible to receive an LRAP award. For example, consider the following scenario:

  • You have employment which qualifies you to apply for LRAP as of the September 1 opening date.

  • You fail to meet the required nine months of continued employment after this date and terminate employment on February 1, five months after the application date.

  • You then have 30 days - until March 1 - to begin working for another qualified employer.

  • If you move to the private sector, or do not find new qualified full-time employment, you will not be eligible to receive your LRAP award.

  • If you remain employed full-time in a qualified position through the time that you officially accept your LRAP Award (April 1st or earlier), but then leave your qualified employment after this date, then you will be eligible for a pro-rated award amount based on how much of the nine employment requirement you completed.