Resources for New Students

Welcome new students. You’ve come to the right place to find answers to questions about health requirements, health insurance or any health related concerns you may have. 

IMPORTANT: If you are attending Pre-Orientation, you must complete the requirements below prior to July 1st. Also, if you plan to be enrolled under Student Insurance for 2017-2018, please notify the Pre-Orientation team prior to Aug 1st, to ensure you have health insurance coverage during Pre-Orientation. (Regular insurance policy start date is Aug 31st, unless specified otherwise).

Health and Wellness Patient Portal

Please login to the patient portal. This will be where you can access all of the forms required of new students. You can also maintain your immunization records, communicate with us via secure message, and see a record of your services. Please complete this process by July 1.

Before you log in, please have the following documents ready:

  • Digital and legible copy (front and back) of your insurance card
  • Recent digital and legible copy of your health form detailing the vaccines and dates (month and year) of immunization
  • Students under 18 years old need parental signature
Health Insurance and Insurance Waiver

All Tufts students are required to be covered by health insurance (it’s a Massachusetts state law). All undergraduates and graduate students who are half time or more are billed and enrolled in the student health insurance plan. If you are covered by a separate policy, it must be through a U.S.-based insurance company and comparable to the student health plan.

If you are covered by a separate policy, please complete the Health Insurance Waiver on your SIS account on the Bills & Balances tab. This waiver process is required every year and is available June 1st - July 31st.

Please note: The Registrar allows students to invite parents to have access to the SIS account. For more information on how to provide your parents with access to the insurance waiver site and academic records please visit "Invited Viewer Access". 

For more information about health insurance, contact:

Immunization Form, Exemptions and Waivers

You also need to be up-to-date on your immunizations to enroll in classes at Tufts. Please submit one of the following using the Patient Portal

  • We accept your most recent signed immunization form from your physician's office.


  • Have your Health Care Provider complete the immunization form.  

Complete Your Immunization Form

After submission, please allow 10 business days for processing.

Exemptions and Waivers:
  • Massachusetts law does not allow philosophical exemptions for immunizations.
  • To request a medical religious exemption please complete the immunization exemption request form
  • All students living in a dorm or other congregate housing are required to receive the meningococcal vaccine unless they sign a waiver or qualify for an exemption.
Health Promotion and Prevention

All incoming undergraduate students are required to complete online training programs on alcohol and sexual assault prevention:

AlcoholEdu empowers students to make well-informed decisions and provides simple strategies to help keep you and your friends safe.

Haven educates students about the elements of healthy relationships, the importance of sexual consent, and the role of bystanders in creating safe, healthy communities.

These programs will be available to complete starting in mid-July and must be completed before arriving on campus. You will receive the links at a later time.

Visit the Health Promotion and Prevention website for more information on programs and activities.

Counseling and Mental Health

Counseling is available to all Tufts undergraduates. I invite you to learn about the services offered by Counseling and Mental Health

Tuition Insurance (Optional)

Every year, college students around the country navigate many physical or mental health challenges, and some students unexpectedly take time away from their studies. Our departments work closely with Tufts students whose health issues may significantly impact their ability to complete a semester. Reasons for a medical leave vary, and can stem from a concussion, a prolongued bout of mononucleosis, problems with depression or anxiety, or many other health-related conditions beyond one's control. The University provides a graded tuition refund for all medical leaves taken at the beginning of each semester, beyond the first six weeks of each term a student who takes a medical leave without insurance forfeits a substantial portion- or the entirety- of the payments made toward that semester's tuition.  Tuition insurance is meant to safeguard your financial commitment should an unexpected health concern necessitate that your Tufts student take a medical leave of absence this year. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is entirely optional, but we stronly encourage you consider enrolling. If you wish to enroll online, please submit the application and payment by the first day of classes. Applications will not be accepted after that date. Questions can be directed to Dewar at 617-774-1555.

2016-2017 Enrollment Information

More information about Leaves of Absence

More information about Tuition Insurance

Student Health Insurance

If you have opted for the Student Health Insurance through UnitedHealthcare StudentResouces please visit our Student Health Insurance page and review the following information:

  • Create an account with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources
  • Get your Electronic ID Card
  • United Health Allies (Health Discount Program)
  • Dental Insurance (Optional Insurance)
  • Referral to outside providers

If you have any questions, please contact the Health Service Business Office.