Your Health Fee

The Health Service fee is mandatory and non-waivable and covers the cost of running a comprehensive outpatient health service and counseling center. The fee covers unlimited primary care and walk in visits to the Health Service and access to the Counseling Center.  Laboratory tests, prescribed medications, and consultations with specialsts are not covered by the Health Service fee.

All full-time Tufts undergraduates are billed and required to pay the mandatory Health Service fee. There are some charges not covered by the Health Service fee and the business office is happy to explain. Please note that the Health Service Fee, like the student activity fee and library or traffic fines, is not refunded or prorated after the beginning of the academic year. If a student is enrolled in the optional medical insurance plan, both the charge and the plan benefits remain in place through the end of the contract period. A student enrolled for only one semester will be charged the full student activity fee and health service fee.

Information for Graduate Students

Graduate students are billed the Health Insurance and Health Service fee according to tuition charges. These students can waive the health insurance, but cannot waive the Health Service fee. All Graduate students who choose to enroll in the Student Health Insurance are required to pay a Health Service fee.  
All graduate students with private insurance that want to be seen at Health Service must pay a Health Service fee.