Resources for FYA's, CDA's, and House Managers

Fall 2018 Health Promotion and Prevention Leaders' Training

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First-Year Assistants (FYA's), Community Development Assistant (CDA's), and House Managers are undergraduate student residential staff members who live in the residence halls and help connect students with various resource on campus. Health Promotion offers a variety of resources specifically for FYA's, CDA's, and House Managers looking to support the health and wellness of their residents. Take a look at our list below, and contact us at any time if we can help you find additional resources and supports.

Bulletin Board Materials

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Food for Thought: Caffeine Food for Thought: Daily DVegetarian PlateMeatless MondayRethink Your DrinkFacts About Sugary DrinksHydration Stations at TuftsFuel For FinalsMacronutrients: Carbs, Fats, Protein


Tips for Increasing FitnessSports NutritionFood For Thought: Brain & ExerciseWalking/Running Routes near Tufts


Get Good Sleep (poster)Sleep On It (poster)Getting Some ShuteyeSleep Better ChecklistFacts About Sleep

Stress and Mindfulness

15 Brief Mindfulness PracticesMindful Reminders for FinalsStress Less, Study HarderTake 10 to Reduce StressTips for Reducing Stress

Alcohol and Drugs

Wasted CampaignAware, Awake, AliveHow to Help a FriendFake IDTufts Medical Amnesty Policy
Hand HygieneKeep CalmOne Trillion Germs

Tufts "Give It A Try" Social Norms Campaign
SleepNutritionPhysical Activity

Alcohol: Jumbos Look OutAlcohol: AcademicsAlcohol: Majority


Please make program requests at least 2 weeks prior to program date to healthpromotion@tufts.eduA meeting with HPP staff is highly encouraged to customize your program and discuss material/supply needs. Programs on other health/wellness topics are available by request.

Healthy Hall Snacks
  • Help residents learn what comprises a healthy snack.
  • Brief overview of key nutrients and benefits
  • Prepare a healthy snack with residents. Recipe offerings include: Smoothies, Yogurt Parfait, or Build Your Own Lunchable.
De-stressing in Academic Life
  • Through case studies and group discussion, explore ways to overcome stumbling blocks all students face.
  • Gain strategies to de-stress, manage procrastination, and develop sustainable approaches to challenging situations.
When a Party Becomes a Problem 
  • Create a mock party scene and demonstrate how the setting can contribute to problems with alcohol.
  • Participants use BAC calculators, and “drunk” goggles to simulate levels of intoxication.
Who Has Your B.A.C. (Blood Alcohol Concentration)?
  • How do you know how much alcohol you drank? 

  • How do you know you are belong the legal limit? 

  • How does your surroundings influence your level of intoxication? 

  • Learn this and other factors that influence how alcohol impacts how drunkenness.

Hey It’s Legal; No Problem…?
  • Understand how the new marijuana law in Massachusetts is enforced both on and off campus. 
  • Learn how different types of products and means of intake impact you.