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The Asian American Center, founded in 1983, is a resource for the university and the Asian/Asian American communities and fosters a supportive environment for the academic and personal development of students through its year-round programs and services. The Center recognizes the mono- and multi-racial East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian peoples, cultures and identities present in the Tufts community, and advocates for students to ensure a successful college experience.

Programs and Services

The Asian American Center coordinates educational programs that focus on the Asian experience in the U.S.; offers resources for your transition to college; provides social opportunities to learn from and engage with peers; and informs students of campus events and opportunities. The Director is available for academic and personal advising and collaborates with other offices, faculty, and alumni to form an active network that ensures student interests and needs are addressed.

Asian American Center Director and other staff

Words From Our Director

Linell YugawaThe Center coordinates educational and cultural programs, focusing on Asians in the U.S. and the diaspora. We collaborate with academic departments and student organizations to increase awareness of issues impacting Asian Americans/Asians and provide many opportunities for intercultural learning among students of different Asian ethnicities.

The Center offers study space, books, periodicals, information on campus events, community programs, and work opportunities. The director provides academic and personal advising on course selection, majors and careers, transition to college, and identity formation and development, and collaborates with other programs and offices to ensure that Asian American/Asian student needs are being met. The Center staff works with the Asian student organizations and the Asian American House.

Participating in programs that have an Asian American focus may be a new experience for you. We believe our programs contribute positively to the campus and enrich the experience of all students. Our programs build on the recognition that Asian American students conform to no stereotype and instead reflect a wide range of experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Tufts offers a variety of resources, opportunities for learning, and co-curricular activities. On our website, you'll find information about the Peer Leader Program, a listing of Asian student organizations, and Orientation information that may be of specific interest to you. We've also added student comments that express their experiences as young Asian Americans growing up in this country. College is a time of personal exploration and we recognize the significance of racial identity in this process. The feelings, questions, and struggles shared represent just a few of the many voices in our community.

As director of the Asian American Center, I invite you to explore all that Tufts makes available and encourage you to make the most of your personal background and experiences. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call me.