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Asian American Community Senator

Karishma ChouhanHi! My name is Karishma Chouhan and I am your Asian American community senator in TCU Senate. I’m an American born Asian-American and spent my first seven years in India. I’m a sophomore currently double majoring in International Relations (with a concentration in the Middle East and South Asia) and economics. Being Asian-American in a home town that was predominantly white meant I wasn’t given a community or resources to come to terms with my Asian-American identity, but Tufts has given me the people and opportunities I need to help understand and embrace my identity. My sister and I always joked that being Asian-American meant living somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but through clubs such as Hindu Student Council, TID: India and classes, I’ve learned that being Asian-American really meant having twice the culture, history and fun. In addition to Senate and clubs I’ve mentioned above, I’m also a board member for Generation Citizen, and work as a fundraiser for the Telefund.

TCU Senate is an amazing new opportunity for me, and I’m eager to start working as a representative for all Asian-American students on campus. For those of you who don’t know, Senate is responsible for representing the student body, allocating funds, and fostering projects to improve student life. My biggest goal as Asian-American community senator is making sure that all students on campus, feel there is someone they can talk to who will listen to their concerns and relay them to TCU Senate. I can be reached at I want to serve this community and make the Tufts campus a happier place for all students to live and learn, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Fall 2018 Office Hours: Wednesdays 3 - 4 p.m. and Thursdays 6 - 8 p.m., Start House.

Pan Asian Council (PAC)

The Pan Asian Council (PAC) is a collaborative group of representatives, primarily presidents, of the Asian/Asian American interest and culture clubs recognized by the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate. PAC members meet throughout the year and work to promote unity and collaboration amongst the clubs it represents, as well as enhance visibility and awareness of the Asian/Asian American presence on campus. PAC encourages all students to join the Asian/Asian American interest and culture clubs by signing up for membership at the Student Activities Fair or by contacting club officers.

Pan Asian Council (PAC) Organizations

The following Asian/Asian American interest and culture organizations are recognized and funded by the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate. Representatives from these organizations meet regularly throughout the year as members of the Pan Asian Council (PAC). Membership to student organizations is open to all Tufts students. Sign up for membership at the Student Activities Fair!

Association of Multiracial People at Tufts (AMPT)

AMPT (Association of Multiracial People at Tufts) strives to build a multiracial/mixed community and help mixed students at Tufts navigate their multiple identities.

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AMPT members

Presidents: Sasha Raveendran Greene (’19) and Arnold Cabrera Castaneda (’19)
Secretary: Nkem Aduka (’21)
Social Media Coordinator: Zara Wermers (’21)
Graphic Designer: Priya Misner (’20)
Programs Chair: Zane Cassum (’20)
Peer Group Managers: Michelle Meyer (’20) and Sahana Callahan (’21)
Social Chair: Maya Laughton (’19)
Membership Chairs: Campbell Simmons (’21) and Anna Kim (’20)

Chinese Students Association (CSA)

Tufts Chinese Student Association (CSA) is a culture club open to anyone who wishes to celebrate or learn more about Chinese culture. We hold many events throughout the year such as movie nights, karaoke nights, food and culture events, and social bonding. These events are meant to promote Chinese culture to the Tufts community, as well as provide a platform to foster and strengthen bonds within the community.

CSA group

Co-Presidents: Lilia Kang and Samuel Ding
Vice President: Amanda Yuan
Treasurer: Jocelyn Ding
Events Chairs: James Liao and Eddie Wang
Senior Advisor: Zhujing Wang
Social Chair: Andrea Vorametsanti
PAC Rep: Jaeyeun Kim
Treasurer: Jasmine Falk, Jocelyn Ding
Senior Adviser: Megan Yung, Zhujing Wang

Hong Kong Students Association (HKSA)

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President: Allissa Chan
Vice President: Georgette Koo
Treasurer: Minal Mirpuri
Head Chef: Min Feng
Director of Photography: Justin Tran
Director of Graphic Design: Beson Cheng
Public Relations: Tashwita Pruthi
Social Chairs: Georgette Koo (Internal), Richard Ding (External)
Secretary: Kate Zheng
PAC Representative: Sophie Lee
Senior Board Advisors: Ki Ki Chan, Jeremy Engël, Bill Yung

Japanese Culture Club (JCC)

Tufts Japanese Culture Club is a group that comes together to celebrate, reflect, and bond over Japanese heritage and culture. For the Japanese community, we hold dinners and events that discuss Japanese/Japanese American/Asian American topics. On top of this, we host a few events for the greater Tufts community every year, our biggest one being Matsuri in December.

Check out this video to learn more about us!

Japanese Culture Club members

Co-Presidents: Juliana Sasanuma, Issay Matsumoto, Emma Ishida
Treasurers: Mayu Kawahara and Zach Sebek
Secretary: Maxine Bell

Korean Students Association (KSA)

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KSA Students 2018-19

Tufts KSA is a TCU funded, student run organization with the purpose of establishing the growth of Korean culture within the student body at Tufts University and creating an open space for cultural discussion and interaction.

President: Trenton Manns
Vice-President: Kevin Bae
Community Chair: Trenton Manns, Isaac Kim
Treasurer: Justin Koo
Culture Chair: Michelle Kwon, Joanne Jeong
Social Chair: Elenna Na, Matthew Park
Publicity/Media Chair: Nayoung Kim
Secretary / Treasurer-in-Training: Jun Pak

Singapore Students Association (SSA)

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SSA members

The Tufts Singapore Students Association (SSA) aims to foster and support the Singaporean student community while promoting and sharing Singaporean culture at Tufts. Our campus-wide events range from food-themed nights to discussion sessions.

President: Derek Goh
Vice-President: Liren Fu
Treasurer: Sean Ong
Public Relations Representative: Jei-Jei Tan
Social Chair and Pan-Asian Council Representative: David Batubara
Social Chair: Chuan Ting Toh
Logistics Representative: Janith Kulatunge
Freshmen Representative: Covie Goh

Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts (TAST)

The Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts (TAST) offers a community for students who are Taiwanese, or interested in Taiwanese culture. Throughout the year, the club plans and hosts events to celebrate elements of Taiwanese culture. We also collaborate with other Taiwanese clubs at other universities in the Boston area. 

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TAST members

President: Erin Hsu, '19
Vice President: Robert Yang, '21
Secretary: Melanie Chien, '21
Treasurer: Nasrin Lin, '20

Thai Students Association (TSA)

The Thai Students Association (TSA) at Tufts is an inclusive and characteristically close-knit society of students identifying with Thailand. We hold regular meetings and bondings for members, as well as culturally-inspired events for the wider Tufts community, such as Massage Night, Songkran temple visits and our largest event, Thai Night. Anyone is welcome to become involved, whether through regular membership or by simply attending events.

Feel free to contact us via our Facebook page, or reach out directly to an E-Board member.

TSA members TSA members on a sled in the snow

Presidents: Aey Chuaratanaphong and Meg Saksiriwatekul
Secretary: Varisa Limpijankit
Treasurer: Pun Pun Chaiyakiturajai
PAC Representative: Plearn Aroonchote
Events Manager: Saira Madarasmi
Publicity Manager: Deena Bhanarai

Tufts Asian Student Coalition (TASC)

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The Tufts Asian Student Coalition (TASC) is a student-led political organization seeking to educate and mobilize toward progressive social change. TASC aspires to foster a safe space within which the Tufts community can learn and discuss Asian American issues.

Co-Chairs: Kevin Koo, Anna Lei, Vivian Tam
Treasury: Wilson Wong
Social Media: Josephine Faith Ong
Secretary: Kyle Lui
PAC Representative: Celeste Teng

Vietnamese Students Club (VSC)

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The purpose of the Tufts Vietnamese Students Club (VSC) is to explore, share, and preserve our common roots and experiences. We strive to introduce and promote the Vietnamese culture to the Tufts community. We harvest this goal through cultural, educational, and social events relating to our Vietnamese heritage both on and off campus. We also hope to become a source of support for all Vietnamese-identified students on campus by organizing more inclusive events that are relevant to the need of the Vietnamese community at Tufts.

VSC members

Co-Presidents: Thu Cao, Thao Ho
Vice Presidents: Victor Dinh, Trung Truong
Treasurer: David Tu
Community Outreach: Ann Phan
Publicity: Victoria Tran
Secretary: Jacqueline Nguyen