At Tufts we take our food seriously and are proud to offer fresh, healthy, and delicious options for every meal. In the Greater Boston area you will find a wide variety of award-winning food options at restaurants, cafes, and food trucks.

Meal Plans

All of our programs include a meal plan as part of your program fee. Meals are served in the Dewick MacPhie and Carmichael Dining Centers. Both dining centers offer a variety of options and can accommodate special diets. During Ramadan, arrangements can be made for boxed meals after sundown. Please let our staff know in advance if you have any special dietary needs before your arrival.

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Meal Cards

You will receive a meal card at registration that will give you access to the dining centers for the duration of your program. Damaged or lost cards must be replaced at your own expense for a fee of $10. You should report any problems or concerns about your meal card to our program office.

Meal Plan Schedule

English Today 6-Week and Institute for International Scholars
Meal plans begin with brunch on Sunday, July 2, and end with breakfast on Saturday, August 12.

English Today 4-Week and English Today High School
Meal plans begin with brunch on Sunday, July 17, and end with breakfast on Saturday, August 12.

Travel Meals

During day trips when we are away from campus, you will be responsible for purchasing your own meal for lunch. We will make every effort to return to campus in time for the evening meal, but cannot be held responsible if meals are missed due to late return to the university campus. In certain cases, optional activities may include dining options off campus and participants will be responsible for the cost of those meals. The estimated cost of the meal will be provided at the time of the trip signup. 


Due to university regulations, no cooking is allowed in the common kitchens in residence halls during the summer months. You will be permitted to use the refrigerators for short periods of time. You will be responsible for all items stored in the refrigerators.