Future Students

We are proud to offer programs that offer a rigorous academic curriculum and a true cultural exchange. Your time in class will be complemented by a host of real-world activities that help you live the language as you learn it. With each day you’ll see your abilities and confidence grow.

Our classroom faculty are professional English instructors with extensive experience teaching English as a second language. Our instructors are dedicated to maximizing your learning potential inside and outside the classroom.

Find Your Program

English Today High School Program
3-week program for high school students 15-17 years old

English Today 4-Week Program
4-week program for students ages 17+

English Today 6-Week Program
6-week program for students ages 17+

Institute for International Scholars
6-week program for students who have completed an undergraduate degree 

International STEM Scholars Program

6-week program fro students who have completed an undergraduate degree

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