Student Testimonials

[The program] changed my vision of the world. In this sad time of escalation of international tensions…. I believe it’s important that between all the world’s countries youth be able to live and study altogether for a month in an international city like Boston.

Timothe Jekel, English Today 4-Week 2016
Students in the classroom


The classes are fun and intriguing, but you will not stop there...In short, it’s a wonderful experience that you will learn a lot from while having fun at the same time.

Abdulaziz Alosaimi, English Today 6-Week 2015
Student with instructor


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Meeting new friends, improving my language knowledge, experiencing American culture and mentality were all aspects that when mixed together left me with a beautiful, lasting, lovely impression. This impression will always be kept deep in my heart and will never be forgot..

Tamara Jankovic, English Today 4-Week 2015


Students also have chances to make friends from all over the world. I made so many long distance friendships which I had never thought about before I came to Tufts.

Yuheng “Jojo”  Zhou, University Preparatory Program 2015
Students on the lawn