Advising at Tufts

Pre-Major Advising

Engineering Students

You’ll be matched with a faculty member in the primary degree program that you identify in the Application Status page.

Liberal Arts Students

You’ll be assigned a faculty or professional staff member as a pre-major academic advisor and a pair of orientation leaders who will work with your academic advisor.

You have two options for pre-major advising

  1. You can take a course with your pre-major advisor either teaching the course or tied to the course
  2. You can elect host advising and see your advisor for registration meetings and as needed throughout the semester. Check out the different options to determine what advising relationship interests you most.

Please complete the advising selection form with your preferences by June 15. This will assist us in assigning your academic advisor. Get started on the survey after you review the options below.

Course Options

Curricular Advising Program (CAP) - A traditional class taught by your advisor

If you are placed in the Curricular Advising Program (CAP), you will be registered for the class you choose and your advisor will be the teacher of that course. You will see your advisor every time you go to class. In turn, your advisor will get to know you – your work, your study habits, your writing skills and how you perform on tests. Some CAP classes are just you and your advising group; in some, you will be in class with upper-class students as well.

Explorations - A course taught by two upper-class students

Each Explorations class involves an interactive, participatory inquiry into a specific topic that is led by two upper-level students. Small-group projects, debates, simulations, and lots of discussion will make your Explorations a special introduction to the college experience. You will broaden your horizons, have your assumptions about the world challenged, and develop a new set of critical thinking skills in a group that provides advising, support, and a sense of community. A faculty/staff member will serve as the pre-major advisor to the class members.

Faculty Seminar - A special class taught by your advisor

Faculty Seminar classes take an in-depth look at an academic issue of special interest. Seminar members discuss readings, share ideas, lead group discussions, write papers, and comment on one another’s work. You will get to know the other students and your advisor as you meet weekly and move more deeply into the subject matter. All of the students in Faculty Seminars are in your advising group.

Host Option - Individualized faculty to student advising

Meet with your academic advisor as needed during the semester. You can make an appointment, drop in during office hours, or talk things over by email.

Perspectives - A course about the study of media culture taught by two upper-class students

Take a student-taught seminar on the study of media culture and join with other first-year students who share your passion. In Perspectives, you will receive advising, support, and a sense of community as you stretch yourself and start to think about the world of media culture in ways you never have before. A faculty/staff member will serve as pre-major advisor to the class members.

Transfer Students

We will assign you an academic advisor who works specifically with transfer students. This advisor will help you choose courses that connect your past course work with the Tufts curriculum and graduation requirements. After classes begin, he or she will also help connect you with an advisor in your department of potential major. We’ll send you more information through your Tufts email in June.