New Student Checklist 2018

Please note: The New Student Checklist 2019 will be posted in May 2019The Checklist below is from Orientation 2018 and is posted for your reference until updated materials become available.

The Checklist will help you remember all the important things you need to do before you arrive at Tufts. We'll be sending reminders each week over the summer when any new items on the Checklist are posted, and to remind you when a deadline is approaching.

Are you a student in the R.E.A.L. Program for Adult Learners? Check out your Fall 2018 Checklist on the R.E.A.L. Program website!

In May

1. Get your Tufts student ID and username by logging into your Application Status page. You will use this for lots of important tasks, so make sure to write it down!

 Access Your Student ID and Username

2. Mark your calendar for move-in and other important dates.

View a Preliminary 2018 Orientation Calendar

We're going to post a full version of the Orientation Calendar later this summer. Stay tuned!

Deadline: June 1

1. Remember to check (or forward) your Tufts email. Everything official will be sent there from June 1 onward.

Deadline: June 6

Register for one of our optional Pre-Orientation programs.

Explore Pre-Orientation Options

Online registration for Pre-Orientation has now closed. If you have questions about Pre-O or are still interested in applying to a program, please email

Deadline: June 8

1. If applicable, register with Student Accessibility Services to request Housing Accommodations.

Request Housing Accommodations

Transfer Students

Transfer Students do not need to watch an Academic Essentials video or complete the Advising Survey.

Transfer Students

3. Apply for official approval for Transfer Credit from Tufts faculty through SIS. Follow the instructions for submitting each course for possible approval.

Transfer Students

4. Email your Advising Dean (Liberal Arts BA/BS, Liberal Arts BFA, or Engineering) to schedule an appointment to discuss registration and course selection.

Note: Combined Degree students will receive special instructions in early June from their Advising Deans regarding appointment scheduling.

Transfer Students

5. If you were enrolled in courses in Spring 2018, send a copy of your transcript to Undergraduate Admissions by June 8. (We previously asked transfer students to send a copy of their transcript to Student Services, but are now asking transfer students to send them to Undergraduate Admissions. If you have already sent your transcript to Student Services, it will be forwarded to Undergraduate Admissions on your behalf.)

Note: First-Year Students should submit their final transcript with spring grades to Undergraduate Admissions by July 1.

Deadline: June 13

Complete your Housing Survey in the Student Information System:

  • Log into your SIS account
  • On the bottom of the About Me tab, choose Housing

Start Your Housing Survey

Please note: Transfer students do not need to complete the Housing Survey.

Deadline: June 15

BFA and Combined Degree Students

Sign up for an in-person or virtual advising appointment with your Advising Dean(s).

BFA Sign-Up

Combined Degree Sign-Up

Deadline Extended: June 15

First-Year BA and BS Students

2. First-Year BA and BS Students must watch the Academic Essentials video that corresponds with their degree program. After watching Academic Essentials, you must then complete the Advising Survey in the Application Status page.

If you're a Liberal Arts Student (BA or BS), make sure you also complete the one-question English Department Survey just below the Advising Survey. (Engineering, BFA, SMFA Combined Degree, and Transfer Students can skip the English Department Survey.)

Update: The English Department Survey will remain open until July 13 in order to give students time to submit AP and IB test scores.

Complete the English Department Survey

Step 1:

Watch Academic Essentials Liberal Arts 

Watch Academic Essentials Engineering

Step 2:

Complete Your Advising Survey

BFA, SMFA Combined Degree, and NEC Combined Degree Students

BFA, SMFA Combined Degree, and NEC Combined Degree Students do not need to complete the Advising Survey.

BFA Students are assigned to Dean Gadd for academic advising and will receive information about your curriculum and advising in June. You do not need to watch an Academic Essentials video at this time.

SMFA and NEC Combined Degree Students can watch the Liberal Arts Academic Essentials video, but do not need to complete the Advising Survey. You are assigned to Dean Gadd and Dean Olinsky for Pre-Major Advising. You will receive more information about the BFA curriculum in June.

Deadline: June 30

International Students

Complete Your Visa Application Process

Deadline: July 1

1. Ask your school to submit your final transcript with spring grades to Undergraduate Admissions.

Note: Transfer Students who were enrolled in courses in Spring 2018 should send a copy of their transcript to Undergraduate Admissions by June 8.

2. If you would like to invite others (including parents) to view or pay your bill, add them as an invited viewer in the SIS portal and have them follow the directions they receive via email.

Add an Invited Viewer in SIS

3. Upload your photo for your Tufts ID card

Upload Your Photo for your Tufts ID

4. To have your preferred (common) name appear on your Tufts ID card, update your preferred name in SIS by clicking the pencil icon next to your name in the About Me tab. (Please note: preferred names can only be printed on Tufts ID cards if they contain alpha characters only. Updating your preferred name in SIS will also update your name on class and grade rosters.) You can also update your preferred name for general Tufts communications by visiting our Preferred Name Change webpage, or by contacting Hope Freeman, Director of the LGBT Center.

Update Your Preferred First Name in SIS

Visit the Preferred Name Change Webpage

View the Preferred Name Policy

5. See your physician and complete the Mandatory Medical Forms for new students using the Health and Wellness Patient Portal.

Complete Your Mandatory Medical Forms

6. If you are attending Pre-Orientation, make sure you complete all Health and Wellness requirements by July 1.

Complete Health and Wellness Requirements

First Week of July

Begin looking for your eBill statement through the SIS portal. Click on Bills & Balances in SIS, then Select My eBill or Make a Payment. If you have not already done so, you may want to invite others (including parents) to view or pay your bill: add them as an invited viewer in the SIS portal and have them follow the directions they receive via email.

View or Pay Your Bill in SIS 

Deadline: July 31

1. Check your health insurance coverage and submit a waiver for the Student Health Insurance plan if you have a health insurance policy that meets Massachusetts standards. Waivers are available June 1 - July 31 on the Bills & Balances tab in SIS.

Read Up on Health Insurance Requirements

2. Update your emergency contact information on SIS

Update Your Emergency Contact Information in SIS

By August 1 (Suggested)

If applicable, register with Student Accessibility Services to request Academic Accommodations, Meal Plan Accommodations, and/or Transportation and Parking Accommodations.

Request Accommodations with Student Accessibility Services

Deadline: August 8 (Optional)

Get a discounted Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) passes for Fall 2018.

Tufts University, in partnership with Edenred Commuter Benefit Solutions, has implemented a new online storefront for the purchase of MBTA Passes. To access the MBTA Storefront:

  1. Log into SIS.
  2. Navigate to the “Bills & Balances” tab.
  3. Click “Purchase MBTA Pass.”

All pass orders will be discounted at 11% off the full MBTA price and must be ordered by August 8, 2018. The fall semester pass will be valid from September through December 2018. Before you purchase your MBTA pass, you will have the ability to update your delivery address. Along with hosting the site, Edenred will be offering customer service for all technical questions that may arise. Edenred will also send a reminder email before each purchase deadline.

Please note that Link, Bus, Inner Express Bus, and Outer Express Bus passes will be on Charlie Cards. Zone Passes (including Zone 1A) will be in ticket form. For more information regarding pass types, visit

If you have questions, please call 617-627-2000, or email

Deadline: August 24

Complete your required online training programs on alcohol and sexual assault prevention:

  • AlcoholEdu empowers students to make well-informed decisions and provides some simple strategies to help keep you and your friends safe.
  • Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAPU) (formerly Haven) educates students about the elements of healthy relationships, the importance of sexual consent, and the role of bystanders in creating safe, healthy communities

Both online courses have two parts. We'll send you information about how to complete Parts I and II in early June. You must complete Part I of both courses by August 24. (You will receive notification to complete Part II after a brief intersession.)

Complete AlcoholEdu and SAPU

Deadline: August 27

BFA and SMFA Combined Degree Students

BFA and SMFA Combined Degree Students are able to select a meal plan for Fall 2018 that best fits their schedule and access to the Medford/Somerville and Fenway campuses.

  • We recommend that BFA Students living on the Fenway campus enroll in the Emmanuel College meal plan. Please note that First-Year BFA Students who live on the Fenway campus and do not select a meal plan for Fall 2018 by August 27 will not be enrolled in any meal plan.
  • We recommend that SMFA Combined Degree Students living on the Medford/Somerville campus enroll in the Premium Rhino Bucks Plan. Please note that First-Year Combined Degree Students who live on the Medford/Somerville campus and do not select a meal plan for Fall 2018 by August 27 will be automatically enrolled in the Premium Meal Plan
  • All First-Year BA and BS Student are required to be on the Premium Meal Plan and are automatically enrolled. 

We encourage BFA and SMFA Combined Degree Students to review all of their meal plan options. Once you've identified your preferred plan, you can enroll on the SIS Portal

Select a BFA/SMFA Combined Degree Student Meal Plan

By September 1 (Suggested)

Add your Social Security Number (SSN) in SIS if you do not already have it on file. Tufts must have your SSN on file by December 31 in order to comply with IRS required tax reporting that can provide you or your parents with educational tax benefits.  A failure to provide your SSN can result in the loss of these tax benefits.  For more information, please see IRS Publication 970.

Please note: if you are correcting or changing a SSN that is already in SIS, you must contact the Registrar.

Add Your SSN in SIS

Deadline: September 3 (Optional)

Consider enrolling in Optional Tuition Insurance.

Learn More and Enroll in Optional Tuition Insurance