Pre-Orientation Programs

Each year we offer several innovative pre-orientation opportunities to incoming students, including transfer and commuter students. These programs are optional, but in recent years over half of the incoming class has participated in one of the either programs we offer.

The pre-orientation programs are an opportunity to get involved on campus early, meet upperclass leaders and mentors, gain valuable leadership skills, and meet other students with similar interests before orientation officially begins. Students look back at their participation in these programs as a great start of their Tufts experience.

2019 Pre-Orientation Program Dates

August 22-27

CAFE - Conversation, Action, Faith and Education
TWO - Tufts Wilderness Orientation

August 23-27

FOCUS - First-year Orientation CommUnity Service

August 24-27

Arts @ Tufts

BEAST - Building Engagement and Access to Students at Tufts

FIT - Fitness and Individual Development at Tufts
GO - Global Orientation

SQUAD - Student's Quest for Unity in the African Diaspora


Program Costs

Program fees are determined by the percentage of financial assistance you receive from Tufts. Costs range from $0-$425. This award in no way affects your overall financial assistance package. If cost is prohibiting factor for you, please contact so we can look at options with you.

Registration and Payment


Online registration for pre-orientation begins in May through the Application Status page. You can register for any of the eight programs with the same online application. The deadline for registration is June 5.

Each program has a maximum number of participants. Programs with more registrants than capacity will use a random selection process to fill spots. You will be asked to rank a minimum of three program choices. If you do not get into your first-choice program and you will be placed in on of your other choices. While we cannot guarantee you a spot in your program of choice, we can guarantee you a spot in one of the eight programs.

We will send you an email on June 17 with information about your placement(s) in the pre-orientation program.


Once you are accepted into a program, you must send us payment of the program fee to confirm your spot. The deadline for payment is July 10. If we do not receive your payment by the deadline, your spot will go to someone on the waiting list.

Payment can be made with a credit card through our online registration system. Should you not be able to pay with a credit card please contact us so we can discuss other payment options with you.


If you change your mind and decide not to participate in the program before July 10, please contact us to be removed from the program. If you have already paid the fee, our office can help issue a refund. Please note, refunds will not be issued after August 1.