Apply for Graduation

Steps to Graduate - AS&E Undergraduate Students

If you are eligible for graduation in May, August, or February, you must complete the steps outlined below. The due dates for each step will vary depending on which month you will graduate, but please keep in mind that you need to complete all the steps. Please see the calendar for graduation deadlines.

Apply For Your Anticipated Graduation Date Through SIS

Applications are typically available through SIS beginning in the month of September. 

Locate and Complete Your Graduation Checklists or Degree Sheets

Liberal Arts BA/BS students must complete one checklist for each major and/or minor. Checklists for majors and minors within A&S are typically found on the individual department websites. Liberal Arts BA/BS should print their Student Degree Audit from SIS, after applying to graduate and registering for their last semesters courses. Liberal Arts students who matriculated prior to the fall of 2015 will not have access to the Student Degree Audit in SIS but can complete the Degree Audit Worksheet; BFA students who matriculated prior to the fall of 2016 should complete this Degree Checklist.  The Degree Progress tool is a resource to help students complete the either audit worksheet.

Engineering students may complete a Degree Sheet, as well as a Checklist for each second major or minor, and print their Student Degree Audit.

You should always try to submit your degree sheet by the deadline even if you are currently taking a course to fulfill a requirement, waiting to learn the status of a petition, or waiting for pre-matriculation or transfer credit to be posted to your record.

Meet With Your Advisor

Meet with your major advisor or advisors to discuss course registration and get the necessary signatures for each checklist. Be sure to observe any internal deadlines your individual departments may have set.   

Pick Up Your Checklists and Submit Your Degree Packet

Pick up your checklists from each department and submit your complete Graduation Packet to the Student Services desk in Dowling Hall by the requested due date. Graduation paperwork is typically due the week after Thanksgiving for May candidates; refer to the calendar for specific due dates.

  • Liberal Arts BA/BS Degree Packets consist of a Student Degree Audit with your signature and signed checklists for each major and minor.
  • Liberals Arts BFA Degree Packets consist of the completed Degree Checklist.

  • Engineering Degree Packets consist of a Student Degree Audit, signed checklists for any second majors or minors, and if requested by the department, a Degree Sheet. Note: The Student Degree Audit must be signed by the student and either the Student Degree Audit or the Degree Checklist must be signed by the student's Advisor, the ABET Director, if applicable. 

Additional Information

If you are participating in the Senior Honors Thesis Program, you must fill out a candidate form available online.

If you don’t see that a course has been approved to fulfill a particular requirement, you must petition.

If you are reserving courses towards graduate school, please complete and submit the appropriate form (Liberal Arts or Engineering).

If you are in the BA/MPH or BS/MPH program, complete the Transcript Reconciliation for BA/MPH and BS/MPH form

If you are an Engineering student in the MS/MS or BS/ME program, complete the Combined BS/MS and BS/ME Degree form.