Undergraduate and graduate students may cross-register within the university or at other institutions with appropriate approvals. The schools with which we have consortium agreements are Boston College, Boston University, and Brandeis.

To qualify, you must take the course for credit and you may not take it for a Pass/Fail grade. You must abide by all deadlines of the host institution and all requirements of the cross-registered class, including attendance.

Complete the Cross-Registration Petition

Cross-Registration Policies

  • Your grades will be forwarded to Tufts by the host institution at the conclusion of the semester.
  • Generally, students only take one cross-registered course in a single full-time semester. You must get permission from your Advising Dean to take more than one course.
  • You may not cross-register during the summer semesters.
  • If you want to drop or withdraw from a cross-registered course, you must follow the procedures and deadlines of the host institution. Failure to drop the course properly may result in a negative notation on your transcript. After taking the appropriate steps, check your SIS record to be sure the change has been recorded.