Pass/Fail Option

Pass/Fail Policies

Undergraduate students may choose to have their grade in certain courses recorded simply as a pass or fail. This means you will be graded as usual throughout the course, but your final grade transcribed by the registrar will be a pass (if you have a D- or better) or fail. When deciding whether to take a course pass/fail, consider these points:

  • A pass does not affect your grade point average, but a failing grade is averaged into your grade point average.

  • You may not repeat a course you have passed using the pass/fail option for credit.

  • You can choose the pass/fail option by completing a Pass/Fail form within the first five weeks of any term for sophomores, juniors and seniors and within the first ten weeks of any term for first-year students.

  • Liberal Arts BA/BS students are required to take at least twenty-six semester course credits under standard grading, but you may use the pass/fail option for any elective course in excess of twenty-six credits. You cannot take foundation, distribution, major, or minor requirements pass/fail.

  • Liberal Arts BFA students may take only their Liberal Arts elective requirement pass/fail. All other distribution requirements must be taken for a letter grade.

  • Engineering students may take a maximum of eight pass/fail credits toward the total number of credits required for graduation. You cannot take introductory, foundation, or departmental concentration courses pass/fail, and you cannot take more than one course per semester pass/fail.

If you are interested in taking one or more courses pass/fail, please complete the formby the deadline.

Complete the Pass/Fail Form