Accessibility Policies and Procedures

SAS Student Handbook

The Tufts Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Student Handbook provides information on support services and resources available to students with disabilities at Tufts University. It is the student’s responsibility to become informed about and to make use of the resources and services available. 
The SAS Handbook is also a resource for faculty and staff seeking the best ways to support students with accommodations. 
The guidelines, policies and procedures that appear in this handbook were in effect at the time of its original posting on the SAS website. This handbook does not create any express or implied contractual rights between the University and any student, applicant for admission, or other persons. The information in this handbook is subject to change at any time. This handbook is prepared and produced by Student Accessibility Services. Questions should be directed by email to , or by phone at 617-627-4539.

Procurement Policy

Tufts is committed to equal access of all electronic technologies for all students. As a result, Tufts has implemented the Accessible Digital Technologies Procurement Protocol to make sure that any digital technology is evaluated for accessibility before the university enters into a purchase agreement. Please refer to the ADT Procurement Protocol and the ADT Procurement Protocol Appendix for more information.