Currently Registered Students

Steps for Requesting Accommodations Each Semester

After you have registered with the SAS office you will need to request your accommodations for each semester you intend to use them. This is because your professors and classes change each semester and they will need information on your individual accommodations. 

Here’s how to request accommodations each semester:

  1. Log on to Accommodate
  2. Follow the instructions in the Accommodate Semester Accommodation Request Instructions.
  3. Within 48 business hours you will receive an email with instructions on how to pick up your letters through Accommodate.
  4. Print your accommodation letters and hand deliver them to your professors.
  5. Follow SAS policies and procedures for using your accommodations, particularly if you have Distraction Reduced Testing.


What Is My Responsibility?

You can help us make sure your accommodations are successfully met by following the required policies and procedures. This includes maintaining active communication with both faculty and SAS staff and complying with all deadlines.

Student Rights and Responsibilities


  • To not be denied access due to a disability
  • To receive reasonable accommodations that provide equal opportunity
  • To have access to auxiliary aids/assistive technology
  • To not be counseled toward "more restrictive career objectives"
  • To receive assistance from the Student Accessibility Services office in removing physical, academic and attitudinal barriers
  • To not be discriminated against due to a disability or receive any retaliatory discrimination, as protected by law


  • To identify to the Student Accessibility Services office
  • To provide documentation of disability
  • To participate in an intake interview with a SAS staff member
  • To initiate and follow the specific policies and procedures for the accommodations given
  • To provide professors with reasonable notice in which to implement the accommodations
  • To provide for personal independent living needs or other personal disability-related needs
  • To assume personal responsibility for meeting with faculty and requesting additional assistance