Faculty Members

What Role Do Faculty Members Play?

The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office recognizes the pivotal role faculty play in supporting students with disabilities at Tufts and we want to partner with you as we jointly support our students. Accommodations are designed to eliminate barriers that the students experience in the learning environment. Please reach out to SAS at any time to discuss your students, specific accommodations, or clarification of your responsibilities. The best way to reach us is the office email at accessibility@tufts.edu or by phone at 617-627-4539. 

Our Accommodation Letter Process:

Students will be emailed a copy of their semester accommodation letters when they request them. They are responsible for printing them and handing them to you. If you have not received an accommodation letter, than you should not be providing accommodations. Rather refer them to SAS if they ask otherwise.

*Accommodation letters will no longer be on Trunk. Rather it is the student’s responsibility to hand deliver them to you. We cannot send you a class roster of who receives accommodations, so it is important to note when you receive a letter from a student. 

Accommodations for Distraction Reduced Testing Space:

1. Students who need to take your exam in our testing space because they receive the Distraction Reduced Testing accommodation are required to meet with you a week ahead of the exam or as soon as you announce the exam.  

2. You and the student will need to fill out the Distraction Reduced Testing form. This gives you the opportunity to clarify how you want SAS to proctor your exam. Please be careful to fill out all of the information.

3. The student will return the exam to SAS and book a time to take it. Please be aware that we will do our best to hold the exam as the same time as the class. However, whether due to space constraints or our office hours, the student may need to take the exam at another time. We ask for your flexibility in this.

4. After the exam has finished, SAS will return it to you in a sealed envelope. You may also stop by our office to pick it up. 

Syllabus Statement

We encourage professors to include a statement in their syllabus that includes information for students with disabilities. This provides students with the appropriate contact information for our office and allows us to best support you and the student during the process of implementing accommodations. A sample syllabus statement is provided below.

Tufts University values the diversity of our students, staff, and faculty; recognizing the important contribution each student makes to our unique community.  Tufts is committed to providing equal access and support to all qualified students through the provision of reasonable accommodations so that each student may fully participate in the Tufts experience. If you have a disability that requires reasonable accommodations, please contact the Student Accessibility Services office at Accessibility@tufts.edu or 617-627-4539 to make an appointment with an SAS representative to determine appropriate accommodations. 

Please be aware that accommodations cannot be enacted retroactively, making timeliness a critical aspect for their provision.

For More Support

A SAS staff member would be happy to visit your department and meet with your team to provide general support regarding students enrolled in your courses who have registered with the SAS office. Available by appointment, please contact us for requests.