How We Help

Learn about the different forms of accommodations and support we offer for undergraduate and graduate students in the Tufts community.

Types of Accommodations and Support:

Living Accommodations

Assistance and Service Animals

Academic Accommodations

Course Accommodations

Assistive Technologies

Time Management and Learning Strategies

Reporting Digital or Physical Barriers

Watch "Day By Day"

Student Accessibility Services and Tufts' Department of Film and Media Studies recently partnered with two student filmmakers, Ben Hoskings and Ray Bernoff, to produce "Day By Day," a short documentary about six Tufts students' experiences as artists living with disabilities. "Day By Day" premiered with great success in mid April, and the film will be shown at two national conferences later this summer. Congratulations to Ben and Ray, who have also entered "Day By Day" in a national contest for filmmakers with disabilities.