New Registering Students

Tufts University provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities such as impaired hearing, speech, mobility, or vision and students with learning disabilities, attention differences, and chronic health disabilities. We also provide assistance to students coping with serious medical and mental health conditions. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) coordinates academic accommodations for students and works with students and families to coordinate non-academic accommodations when needed.

How Do I Get Services?

To be eligible for SAS services you must:

1.     Be accepted or currently enrolled as a Tufts University student

2.     Self-identify as having a disability by contacting our office

3.     Provide current diagnostic documentation that clearly identifies evidence of your disability*. Please have all of your documentation sent directly to SAS.  

4.     Complete a personal statement describing your disability and return it to SAS prior to your in-take meeting.

5.     Meet with a SAS professional to review your experience with your disability and determine what accommodations are appropriate.

6.     Remember to request your accommodations each semester that you are at Tufts and would like to use them.

*For information on what types of documentation you might need based on your disability, please contact us. 

What Type of Documentation Do I Need?

You will need documentation that is specific to your diagnosis. Please refer to the specific conditions noted in What We Help With for more information.

All documentation should be current and include:

  • A clear statement of your disability, including your prognosis
  • The history of your disability, including the length of time the practitioner has known you
  • A summary of the evaluation procedures, as well as the diagnostic tests or evaluation results used to make the diagnosis
  • A statement of the functional impact or limitations the disability has on your learning
  • An explanation of how each recommended accommodation is relevant to the disability, including supporting data from the evaluation

Other documentation requirements include: