Read About a Student Experience


 A brown haired bearded man looks at the camera with a slight smile. Behind him a glass windows.
  • Academic Year: Sophomore
  • Major: International Literary and Visual Studies
  • Campus involvement: Club Ski Team, ZBT fraternity
  • Disability: Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and ADHD
  • Accommodations: Single dorm room, Use of a computer in class, Extended time on exams.

Impact of his disability on his college experience:

“My experience with these mental illness has changed drastically between high school and now. My experience in high school differed greatly in that I was unprepared and dealing with a very new set of issues that I had never dealt with before. The accommodations in high school were centered on understanding where I needed help and understanding what my limitations were. At Tufts I went in with a much better knowledge of the ways in which these mental illnesses affect me. So I have more personal clarity in what types of help I need and I was able to ask for it through SAS.


"I haven't noticed any sort of weird stigma around having a disability among students. I have never felt ostracized for having these accommodations. A number of my friends also face mental illness. It isn't a main tenant of these friendships but we do have a shared experience."

Advice for students with disabilities:

“If you feel tense, take time to explore the campus. Try different places that allow you to relax. I called Ears for Peers a few times, I spoke with my boyfriend and friends a few times when I am stressed. I have also made an an appointment with the Counseling and Mental Health Services Office.”