Read About a Student Experience


  • Academic Year: Junior
  • Major: History
  • Campus involvement: Rugby, Strong Women Strong Girls
  • Disability: Chronic Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Accommodations: Emotional Support Animal in Tufts Residence
Impact of their disability on their college experience:

“My disabilities impacted me because I felt like I sometimes couldn’t get out of bed, I was not motivated by my studies, I skipped class a lot because of it and felt confined me to my room a lot of the time.  My freshman year, my first semester I was involved in rugby, I couldn’t do it anymore after my depression got worse. I feel like I missed out on some experiences in school just because I didn’t feel like I could do it.”

Support services they sought:

“SAS helped me a lot because last year I was able to have my dog with me in my dorm room as an Emotional Support Animal. SAS also referred me to the Counseling and Mental Health Center, which was big help.”

Advice for students with disabilities:

“Tufts is very big on letting their students know that they shouldn’t feel bad about reaching out. That they shouldn’t feel embarrassed or anything. I would personally emphasize that same message. Everyone needs help every once in a while and it is not a sign of weakness, if anything it is a sign of strength to recognize that you have a problem that needs fixing.”