Read About a Student Experience


A man with blonde hair, wearing plaid and a raincoat smiles into the camera.

  • Academic Year: Freshman
  • Major: Pre-med
  • Minor: Studio art
  • Campus involvement: Make Club, Jumbo Jugglers, Radio show, Art, Skateboarding
  • Disability: Specified Reading Disability (Dyslexia)
  • Accommodations: Extended time on exams
Impact of his disability on his college experience:

“I was nervous going into college because I heard that colleges didn’t accommodate as well as high school did. It takes me a long time to read things. I will read something and won’t understand it. I have to read a sentence 5 times to totally grasp it. But I am grateful that Tufts has a good accessibility program which alleviated some of that stress.

Advice for students with disabilities:

“I imagined college would have scary professors who wouldn’t let you use your accommodations but all of the professors are so nice and willing to help you. I showed them my letters and they set up a room for me to take a test in. It was very easy.”