Social Event Registration

You can register events with three different offices at Tufts: the Office for Campus Life (OCL), Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL), and the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ORLL). Before you register, make sure that you have reviewed the Social Registration Policy.

In general, Student Organizations should register their on- or off-campus events with OCL, and Greek Organizations should register with OFSL. Most events scheduled to take place in a residence hall on campus should be registered with ORLL.

Please register your social event with the appropriate office:

Register a Student Organization Event with OCL

Register a Fraternity or Sorority Event with OFSL

Register an Event in a Residence Hall with ORLL

Social Registration Policy

No matter where you're having your social event or who you're registering it with, Tufts' Social Registration Policy is in effect.  Any gathering or event that could be perceived as a social event and/or at which alcohol is present must be registered with the appropriate office. You can review the full policy in the Student Code of Conduct, but its basic requirements are as follows:

  1. All social events must be scheduled to end no later than 1 a.m.
  2. All parties consuming alcohol and/or in possession of alcohol must be 21 years of age or older and must be identified as such (using wristbands, hand stamps etc.). 
  3. Beer, wine, and malt beverages may only be present at registered social events when they are served/provided by the host (2 drinks per guest) or served by a licensed 3rd party vendor.*
  4. Hard liquor may only be present at registered social events if it is being provided/served by a licensed 3rd party vendor.*
​*Please note: Student organizations that follow the guidelines of the Fraternal Information and Programming Group (FIPG) are required to host BYOB events and may not serve/provide alcohol to their guests

Please note

Depending on where you're having your social event and/or who you're registering it with, additional University policies will apply. Please review the applicable policies on the OCL, OFSL, and ORLL websites.

All other University-wide policies, including the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, are in effect during all registered events.